Love my A4 mk2

I sold all my gear and ordered Analog four mk2 and Rytm mk2
Now I have the four, I love it So much
Never fell in love with a synth, always struggled.
I make full songs with the A4, and I have to kearn So much about syntheses
Just cancelled my Rytm… to focus on this A4 only.


I agree, with A4 MK2 i have same exiting feeling as with the Machinedrum in 2002. The new MK2 feels like a complete new build up A4 in every aspect. A lot of people with a A4 MK1 are a bit naive to the new MK2 but it’s really next level.

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Stop it. I’m trying to resist GAS here.



I did some mental acrobatics last night imagining a new, somewhat more concise setup that focuses on OT MK2 w/ my Roland TM-2 playing Rytm samples, plus A4 MK2, in lieu of my Rytm MK1 and my AK. And swapping my Qu Pac for a Presonus AR-16. Wondering this morning, after a night’s rest, why I do this to myself.


Elektron hype bot.



I’m just thankful I’m still very much in the OT2 honeymoon period and things going well there. I was really fortunate picking one up for the price I did and dreading a retailer doing a similar deal with the A4 Mk2.

I sold everything to simplify and focus on Maschine with a Mk3. I still haven’t picked one up and am now interfaceless with an OT2 and Abes 10 on preorder. Sake!

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Haha same. I sold my Analog Four and Analog Rytm mark ones and the Four MKII is in the post now. I’m betting hard on this new unit, taking a leap of faith.

Logically, my brain says stick with what I have and try to make the most of it. And to meditate more and not allow this lack of contentment to dominate my thoughts. Happiness is fleeting, so don’t chase it in other objects too hard.

But my lizard brain says NEW SHINY GIMME GIMME, and it’s pretty hard to fight against evolutionary biology.


the a4 is pretty complex
I will learn much more from it when only using this one
maybe later there will be another rytm

so for my own development and the quality of my music
an a4 mk2 only

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Or 2 Analog fours :slight_smile:


I’ve made many tracks with just my old A4 MK1. It can do it.

Before you get that Rytm, consider a TM-2 on the CV track.
4 .wav drum voices, often that’s all you need thanks to the depth and capability of the A4.
Input back into A4 to be P-locked through the A4 FX sends and pans as well.
Powerful combo and still just one sequencer. Does not take focus away from A4, only expands its own capabilities.


I am sending one back now… it was broken
the other one seems 100% perfect… let\s hope so.

(super good service by elektron and by key music in The Hague …


What are the main improvements over the four? Anything workflow wise, or just the screen? Asking more from a useablity standpoint than pure specs online

I have an AK but have a lot of trouble getting into it. Although I have other elektron boxes the interface on the AK seems much more obtuse, so much so that I highly considered trading down to the keyless mk1.

first the sound, the difference is huge… it is growling and feels dangerous
second is het size. It doesn’t feel big, it looks beautiful… but most important,
it feels easy to my brain. clear overview, not too many buttons on a square cm2. The led-buttons help with this too…
The buttons, and all stuff is definitely better.

But the main things… the sound & the connection to the machine

the screen, well… it is better, but I never had problems with the previous one.
I thing the old MK1 is a little weak in its sound… This one is amazing!


Apart from the sound, the best new feature is the quick performance knob which is a pot instead of an encoder. So you can now sweep the filter cutoff from top to bottom in a more regular & satisfying manner.

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Glad you found a winner and have what it takes to stick to one box…
Push that one box to the max and I bet you’ll get quite rewarding results, different than two or more only going half steam… :smiley:

Dammit. Now, I want one too.


nice video about Roland TM-2 and analog four!

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Somehow his liking A4 mk2 so much better, has me thinking the Rytm mk2 might be mind meltingly attractive, whereas yesterday I didn’t care… :sweat_smile:


Do you see now why Elektron is providing this forum ? Users basically sell the machines to other users. Just kidding, I wouldn’t GAS for the Rytm mk2 if the mk1 wasn’t my favorite machine of forever ever and ever. :heart_eyes:

But I made this is my setup right now :

As you can see, I made custom stands for my machines. Now think of letting the MPC go, and if I replace my mk1 with mk2 units, those 2 stands become useless :scream: