M:S Sample Directory

Hey y’all. Is there anyway to change the default sample directory to a custom folder that the user has imported on the model samples?

Having to menu dive with each new pattern back through a bunch of the stock folders to reach my
own samples takes too long.

If this isn’t a feature already, I think it would be an absolute necessary future update.


Welcome to the party!
That is a feature I requested but a workaround of sorts is if you press and hold the back arrow button it takes you to the root, negating all that reversing out of folders!
I have a folder named ‘AAA’ with all my samples/folders within and using the above method it saves so much time as it is top of the list!
Enjoy fella…

Edit, thanks again @Dr.K for that arrow tip!


Thanks for the tip on using the back arrow to get at the root. That does help out a lot. :thup:


Awesome tip! Definitely using that - thank you!

(Although being able to set your default folder in a future update would be really handy)