M:S Stand Options

Has anyone found a 2 tier stand for the Models?

US-based Benoit’s Design Co sells wood stands on Reverb, but none for the Models. I asked him if he was planing on making them.

Here’s his 2 tier stand for the Digis:

Do you think they still have the handle in the pipeline?

I don’t know if it is worth releasing it now after 2 years.

The product manager of this idea must have well gone now…

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Hahaha. I think it’ll still get released at some point. Let’s hope that it’s actually rechargeable or at least is able to charge up some batteries. Then it would be pretty cool. I doubt it’ll happen tho. Maybe they’ve had to redesign it in some way. Hence the massive hold up? :thinking:

The only thing I don’t understand is why Elektron advertise it on the accessories page.

If and when released it will surely boost the sales of the Model series.

Unless they will make it available with a possible third Model.

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Judging by the photos:

It was clearly meant to be released with Cycles:

Model:Samples photos look nothing like that.

I remember seeing a video of Ess at Thomann talking about the battery/stand and explaining how it would have worked

It was much before the model cycle announcement I believe( March 2019)


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Hi, if some of you are still looking for a stand for Elektron Model Samples/Cycles, I offer this model on my Etsy store. It is handmade on demand, and any proposal can be considered for other machines. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information !

Link : [Handcrafted custom wood stands for synthesisers by PimpMySynth]


I stretched a couple of rubber bands over mine to try to make it non-slip. Here it is in action.


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I wonder if any of you guys are using the recalled battery handles as stands, or if elektron would be willing to sell some hollowed out units for that purpose only, in most of the pics they seem to have just the right angle?

mine is from Amazon…works really well and can be folded in a slick way - I’ve actually seen it in a post on Reddit some time ago