Macbook air 2020 overbridge usb c

Hello there, i would like to connect digitone + analog rytm mk2 to overbridge with my mac air 2020 usb c.
Some one get this set up and could tell me what i need. An overhub ? The usb c - micro b cable and that s it ?
Many thanks from france

You need some kind of USB-C adapter, either from Apple (I think it has HDMI and USB-C and USB-A)

or some cheap thing from Amazon, there are a few USB-C to USB-A

or maybe better a USB-C dock from Anker or similar that has several USB connectors and SD or other stuff, there are many options.

And the latest Overbridge. Works fine.

Assuming you want to use your Digitone/Rytm simultaneously with Overbridge…

If you only have one USB-C port available then you’ll want to get one USB-C to USB Adapter and an Elektron Overhub (or a USB hub that uses MTT technology). In this setup you’ll connect your Digitone/Rytm to the Overhub using their provided USB cables, and connect the Overhub to your Mac using it’s provided USB cable with the USB-C adapter on the end.

If you have two USB-C ports available on your Mac you can just get two USB-C to USB Adapters instead and connect the Digitone/Rytm directly to your Mac that way.