Machinedrum or RYTM - which?

I have a choice to make over the RYTM or Machinedrum… My projects are a mixture of Bonobo/Ry X/Four Tet/Kiasmos influence… sort of Housey Techno stuff. I was wondering if anyone could provide advice on the better drum machine for this please?
Live I would be using Ableton 9.7 as the master clock but sequencing the beats on the drum machine itself…

Think having my own samples would be a bonus as well as different sounds on the machine


You will find such a diversity of answers to a question like that. Have you checked out the many videos of each machine to see if there is one you lean towards the sounds of? FWIW if you buy an MD in 2017 you are buying a legacy product which will have no further development and lacks things which might be considered standard, such as a USB port for sample transfer. Not necessarily a reason not to get one, but something to bear in mind. Also, if you are using Ableton, the RYTM will integrate more seamlessly into your setup via Overbridge.

This is true about USB and stuff… Of course it makes it easier to load sample loops and that

tough question …

if it was the mkII Rytm then surely that would be the winner.

and yet, the Machinedrum does colour samples in a fairly inimitable fashion.

are there any units nearby to try?

direct experience often makes the choice much easier

Why is that? Not sure I can stump up another few hundred for the mk 2…

mkII has additional sampling capability compared to mkI iirc … although maybe this information is outdated? not sure.

i was going to reinvest in the Octatrack mkI second hand, although recently found a fairly affordable rental deal for the OTmkII so i’m going to try that as a workaround regarding fun coupons.

I did have a Machinedrum a few years ago but sold it - I had a love hate relationship with it as it did sound quite digital at times but had a nice variety of sounds. Now I am doing a new music project, I am wondering whther it or the RYTM would be more suited… Loading my own loops and samples is a good thing. I have an Octatrack mk1 too which I love chopping and replaying musical loops which I create.

hmmm yes … as always, should mention the individual volume of each drum sound must be adjusted back to at least midday in order to not add digital gain to the signal path…

but yeah, there are warm and there are cold elements to the Machinedrum sound adventure parameters.

i’m actually going to buy a Jomox mbase11 for some warm bassdrum sonic sequencing scenarios, to complement the Machinedrum, also as an element in sample layering technique.

actually i could just buy a 2nd hand OT1, and not buy a Faderfox mx12 nor the mbase11, and that would mean no renting required lol.

kind of fixated on the faderfox though. i must have it.

anyway apologies for going off topic…

as regards loops, yes the OT is the machine for such activity. Although the Rytm would be cool fun with loops, i would imagine other areas would be at the forefront of the Rytm’s selling features.

Yeah fair point - I sort of like usign instruments for single jobs so RYTM or Machinedrum for drums and percussion and drum loops, Octatrack for sounds and fx, Moog Phatty for lead through delays and reverbs Ableton for sequencing/patch changes/clock/audio clips and song management…

RYTM is sounding a good bet due to samples and overbridge…

Mind you I’ve never had a MD, but one thing to keep in mind is that AR got quite a few sequencer features that MD hasn’t, such es conditional trigs and fills that are quite handy when it comes to adding variation to your patterns.


… and on the other side md can midi seq ext gear, resample and use his effect on it, all of this rytm cant…Ps i have one to sell with warranty…

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Having listened to Four Tet and Bonobo, I’d guess they use primarily samples- I’d personally recommend either a DT or OT, to be honest.

That being said, I’ve never really heard a lot of beef in their beats, which is a point against the AR- with every kit you might have to tame that baby down. The MDUW, I feel would be more to your liking as it just sounds really crispy to me- something I equate with those two artists styles


could always sample the types of sounds desired and use those samples on the Rytm though … also the conditional trigs is a useful feature i would imagine.

Yeah, but the RYTM flavors them toasty and not crispy from my perspective

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hmm yes although with a bit of work the accompanying OT could flavour some sounds to the required aromatic satisfaction for relevant referencing


RYTM MKII can sample

Yes it can. What’s your point?

wait for the new MK2 version of Analog Rytm to come out in October or get DIgitakt and save the money for something else.

with sampling capability the Rytm mkII is going to be a super cool device … the new form factor is kind of weird in a vaguely cool manner. Certainly a departure from the previous. I think it is going to be a way cool instrument of enjoyment, and not only for the Star Trek controller deck novelty value.

Don’t need to get an DT or OT when the Rytm MKII can sample, the guy is asking a question “Machinedrum or RYTM”.