Manual sampling question


Is it possible to make manual sampling when flex memory is almost full ?
When i start a new project, i have no problem doing manual sampling.

But in an existing project i’ve got, i cannot sample. Here is the process :

1 - Track 7 set to Flex recording buffer 7
2 - Audio incoming into AB inputs
3 - Track 7 is active, i press AB rec (quick recording is enabled)
4 - stop

And then, by pressing track 7 + play, i can hear the sample recorded. Good.
BUT, as soon as start the sequence, the sample is deleted (?!).

I don’t understand why (if it’s a problem of memory space, why in the first place i can hear the sample).

Very strange…

If someone has an idea.


Sounds like you’ve placed a record trig?
Enable grid edit, (transport red) then hold function & REC A/B to check

Woa, thank you very much.
Yes indeed there was a record trig.

another thing to watch on record trigs…

if you are doing per track length and you have a record trig and settings to copy trigs when making new pages, those record trigs will copy over to each new page…I’ve had that happen to me a few times and took me a sec to figure out what in the world was going on :slight_smile:

u might want to use an oneshot trig. function plus trig. this makes the trig stay but it’s only active when you press yes+track.

(When you aren’t in Mixer mode that is- this one gets me all the time.)

Hum, i must admit that i did not understood the record trig utility.
In my case, i use a track to do real time sampling from external sources and play them immediatly. So i press rec button in tempo and release in tempo too.
It works well. Another way to do this with record trig ?
Also, never used a one shot trig. I’m going to read the manual about that.

one-time record trig would probably work good for you, that’s mainly what I use for live sampling…then when I want fresh sample, I just re-arm it

also, set QREC to PLEN, that way you don’t have to worry about timing it, it will start recording after the patten has played…for example, you have a one-timer record trig on 1(page1)…you have 4 pages, you arm recorder while it is playing through on page 3, it will start recording when it hits the 1 on page 1

Ah great. I will try this. Thank you.

This thread saved me. Thank you.