Marketplace Sell… anyone feel slightly addicted?

I go from wanting to block Marketplace Sell completely to resist the temptation, to wanting to find a better way to filter and update myself on FS (UK) posts.

I’m sure I’m not alone…

Has anyone done either of these?

Are you addicted?



Not really this Marketplace here cos international shipping can be risky and expensive but there’s one Finnish gear site which is a bit of an addiction to me. Tends to have good prices for second hand stuff and a pretty good flow of new interesting things regularly.

It’s a blessing and a curse cos I really like buying second hand for many reasons but I also tend to go there too often. I’ve bought 90% of what gear I have through that site - it’s almost impossible for me to think how my synth setup would’ve evolved without that site. It was there I bought my first HW synth 3,5 years ago. :grinning:


Lucky you then… I could benefit from 12 months in Finland!

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There was a time maybe 6 years ago where I’d basically have a several times daily routine of browsing used gear on ebay, gumtree and a couple of music shops in the city I was working that had high turnover of second hand gear. It was way too much and I was trying to wean myself from it.

It was around about this time that Facebook marketplace first came out, and I remember being so annoyed by its presence in the app that I just refused to open that tab.

Anyway after a couple of months I gave in and thought I’d have a quick looksie. Pretty much the first ad I saw before even going to the music gear category was a Yamaha QY700 in my small home town (the kind of town people are basically only ever selling crappy guitar gear) for half the price of the ones in the city shop I’d been lusting over… needless to say, I’m still hooked.


I am, but I haven’t bought very much (still prefer buying from here to buying anywhere else) and am certainly not in the market at the moment. Mostly I am fascinated by the flow of devices, and what people say about them, both the seller and those who respond to each new post.


Haha mate, nothing fuels my GAS like this place! It’s the key reason I tend to have periods where I feel I need to avoid logging in!

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What I am definitely addicted to is Elektronauts in general. And if it wasn’t for Brexit, I’d regularly buy stuff from some of the usual FS UK suspects for sure. Brexit kinda saved the NGNY for me, thus far anyway.

Only when I’m selling or deadset on getting one thing. When the switch flips for me to get rid of something it’s like I get a big mental block on making music till I sort it out. I mostly browse obsessively because elektronauts is actually a fairly small community so you need to search on various sites to eventually find what you’re looking for. It sucks I wish I could just chill until something comes up but I always end up spending weeks scrolling

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This sounds… familiar 🥲

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One of the reasons I like coming here is to remind myself that I’m not the only one with an addictive personality.


No. I put stuff there to sell. Not interested in buying.

Plus you live in Australia and barely anything comes up for sale there :sweat_smile:

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To answer more seriously. I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m relatively poor compared to many on here and in debt (though I am coming out the other side of that as we speak). I do get tempted by things. Particularly when they’re decently priced. Some recent examples of this were a Syntakt and an OP-1. Then I take stock and think but I had no interest before the item was listed. Then I get myself back on track. Only buy the things you have actually wanted for a long time. The rest is just distraction. It is tough tho. I only learnt from my mistakes. We all make em tho.


I like to look. I guess I’m a voyeur.

Yup! It has its perks.
Wanna solve your GAS? Move to Alice Springs mate…


I think I’d probably stick with the GAS, although out of interest I had a quick squiz and there’s someone local to you selling an MPC One and indoor plants… I reckon you could cut a deal and be on YouTube by tonight.

My other gripe with FB marketplace is how all the different groups listings are crammed in with the local listings without being obvious until you open them… feel like I’m just being tricked into seeing paid ads to on the ads.