Master output, L channel louder than R

hello everyone

I wonder if someone else has encountered this problem, left channel of the master out is louder than the right. all sounds panned dead center. Other stereo signals are ok, i did test to check if the inputs of my RME Multiface II are OK and they are.

Time for a calibration? I have the AR since 2 weeks, bought new.

there alread is another thread with that topic.
So, yes others experienced the same thing including me.

AR behaves normal again. uh? that day I had various freezes of the machine as well, today everything was smooth. still, strangeā€¦

I have the same problem, does anyone have a suggestion? old topic but probably relevantā€¦

Hey all, did anyone find a fix or have you sent for repair ?


Hi, I just started encountering this exact problem, and I cant find any info on how to fix it. Searched this forum up and down for another thread, google, etc.

Does anyone have a solution?