MD UW+ user inquiring about RYTM

So Ive been fortunate enough to own the Machinedrum UW+ for the past 6 months or so and its been my favorite machine to date. I really only have 1 complaint about it and the good absolutely outweighs the bad.

Anyway, the RYTM has come across my radar and I’m wondering if it’s redundant to have them both? Thanks in advance.

Users who own or have owned both please weigh in.

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sending midi cc from spare MD LFOs to RYTM tracks results in lovely Elektron synergy and really opens up sounds, especially the dual VCOs.

The MD CTR ALL can also control the RYTM perf pads for wild paired modulation.

Song mode on the MD has bpm.

you can send samples on the MDUW into the RYTMs sound bank.

edit: and sending out scaled tracks from RYTM outputs into the MD trigger inputs allows polyrhythms with MD sounds


I have both and think they supplement each other perfectly. Both are lovely machines that sounds great, but in very different ways, and I find the strange digital percussive sounds you can get out of the MD go very well with the fat analoge stuff of the Rytm.


I have the MDUW+ and Rytm MKI and they feel as if they were designed to sit side-by-side. If I could only have one, it’d be the MD UW, but they make a great pair.


I can tell you how this pair is going for me.
Owning MD`s since 2004 and constantly upgrading final to an UW+ this Machine is like home.
The crispness, the immiadiacy, the versatility and the ultrafast workflow on it i love to death.
It is proud digital and can be harsh, but man…it can be lovely crushing smoothness too on samples.

As 4 years ago i came along the AR mKI, and bought it why thinking about a replacement. No, they go so well along. The AR for its round analog bass, filter goodness, the MD for sizzeling Hihat madness and all kind of hyperbending percussions…nah, you know what i mean. Both have their place they shine, both stay. i clock them from my multiclock with the same shuffle, which brings them together nicely.

as above, they are a great pair but objective on channel count, the MD is more versatile - 16 same channels vs, 8 with pre configured synthesis set.


I’ve got both, really hard to sell either one as they compliment each other so we’ll. The sounds from each are very different so having both just increases the usefulness.

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I sold my MDUWMKII+ for ARMKI, no regrets.
I’ll buy it again when I’m very rich, planning a Digitone before, even for digital drums.


I’d probably sell the rytm before the MD if I had to choose

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I’ve owned and sold both a few times over the last 8 years. I currently own the MDUW+ again and will be buying the AR mk2 next. They both go together very nicely. I’m anxious to try the AR now that it has dual vco’s with the md lfo’s. I’ve regretted every time I’ve sold them.

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