MDUWmkii, Tm-1 sample transfer to Rytm Mki

Hello guys !

I remember I’ve seen in the past a YouTube video from a guy who transfered some samples from the Machinedrum directly to the Rytm Mki… I think he was using tm-1 box and midi cables. Maybe an announcement SB one to connect Rytm, don’t remember.
Today I’m in a gas situation and wonder if I should get a digitakt, a Rytm, digitone…
I have mduw2, A4 and Ot + some fx’s…
This transfer thing is important if it can make a difference…

Did someone tried to send syx message- transfer samples directly from one box to the other ?

Is it possible to do so with plenty samples ?

Any setup advice is welcome.

I could get a mkii Rytm but I do not like the format so much and think maybe it could be too big for my casual practice.

You can’t use a TM-1 for this, and you only need MIDI cables:

Well, you can’t fit very many samples into the small memory of a MDUW.

I doubt whether the sample transfer feature is very useful or important compared to the other capabilities of these instruments.

Now that Elektron has released version 1.4 of their Transfer software then I recommend using that to move samples to and from AR MkI.


Well thank you for your answer and confirmation !
I do not have a computer for the moment so it can be interesting for me to have this setup…
Just have to take a moment of reflection about gear I could need now.
Is it possible to run transfer with Android ?
Maybe you know an equivalent software ?