Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)

Just want to wish a Merry Christmas to all the fellow elektronauts out there! Please feel free to post any goodies you collect this holiday (even presents to self :joy:). Cheers!


I’ll start things off here folks! I got myself a Digitone to add to my arsenal. Can’t wait to dive in tonight…


You will have a lot of fun, i guess. Got myself a Analog Heat MK2. :slight_smile:


Digitone and OP Z were in my shopping cart yesterday, one had to go :balance_scale: :crystal_ball::

The OP Z won this round.

Edit: We only do “kids presents” in our family this time of the year :christmas_tree:
I just bought it for myself because I wanted a portable thing I can play anywhere when I have downtime, even at work :smile:


oh wow endless pattern length? So I can make melodies longer than 64 steps? Guess I gotta watch some more reviews! Maybe I underestimated the power of the OP-Z! So now that we know that TE gear will increase in value over time - should one consider buying two? And keep one unboxed? :nerd_face:


Wonderful choice my friend! In love with mine

Merry christmas everyone. I got

Techno Rebels by Dan Sicko
The Beastie Boys Book
Secrets of Dance Music Production by Attack Magazine
Two Blake and Mortimer graphic novels
The 5th volume of the XIII anthology

But best of all, my wife and kids and other family absolutely loved the presents I gave them.


I’m sure it will serve you well! Interface looked a bit complex for my simple mind :rofl:

There’s definitely more to it than meets the eye. I’m not sure yet it’s a keeper, but so far I’m pleasantly surprised. I just have to try and forget that it’s as much as a DN or DT.


Had just a short try, but can already say that it seems to be a really nice addition to the Digitone. Have fun. :+1:

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Yes, the ultimate portability and then going through the initial specs (+ TE known history with the OP1 updates), I feel already I am gonna keep it and haven’t touched one yet.

If Elektron release a new product in 2019 more than a few DNs+DTs will descend from the sky, heavenly priced in semi desperate second hand sales for the new kid in town.

If all above words stay fiction, and I hate the Zed. It’s trading or selling time with little loss if any.

That BB book though, want that too!


Gleiches Musikhaus. :slight_smile:

I guess the OP-Z and OP-1 are fun for on the go and for jamming around, but they don’t click with me. I have mixed feelings, don’t know why.

I’m interested to know:

  • for what you will using it
  • how useable is it without a screen
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Scored it for €17,- on amazon. But even at €22,- it’s a steal. It’s such a gorgeous tome.


Portable and easy workflow, ill finish reading the manual later. Cant wait to make some music with these!


My wife got me an Octatrack Mk2…ah, marriage! :slight_smile:


Awesome random noise generators. Pure analog, but you need a good microphone to catch every detail of the sound. :grinning:

Good catch! :+1:


its the start of my eurorack system :sweat_smile:


Me too! That’s why I got one. Just to find out if it can serve me.

I already know I will use it in combination with traditional instruments: guitar and piano = just to have a beat going in the living room.

Combination with OT and with cv sequencing towards M32-DFAM is one I will check out.
Also just a Keystep + OP-Z (like in cuckoo’s excellent video series) is probably the way I will start.

With a toddler around the house, no screen is probably a feature! The screen suck is real. :alien:

I have some ipad apps, most of them not used more than 5 times - really not my thing. Maybe an external sequencer will get me going with them on the go.

Let’s see what happens!

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The Party’s not started yet here in the UK, the gift budget doesn’t extend much beyond sorting out the little fellow who should be a happy chappy; it is where all the happiness comes from tbh … but I am genuinely super excited to soon finally get a chance to see curb season 9, love LD (no spoilers on this season plz) - superfan of Marquee Moon, one of the best albums ever, just fancied picking up this version - happy days :thup:


I didn’t get anything yet, but a friend just agreed to sell me a mint condition A4mk2 for $950. Gonna snap that up, I’m thinking