Merry Xmas everyone

Best wishes to everyone on here & to the Elektron team for creating truly inspiring instruments!
Hope Santa brings you all an OT, A4, Mnm, MD, Cirklon, Buchla etc :slight_smile:


except that Santa can get lost, he brought me Freq All this yr :wink:

he brought the AF 1.1 OS, which is a nice present :slight_smile:

otoh this makes me wrestle an asynchronous sysex statemachine on christmas eve. :neutral_face:

but it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

merry xmas :heart:

haha ++1

… just bought my A4 few days ago, cant imagine how it must have felt for the rest of all ya to wait for the os update…

the days became perceived as weeks for me…ihihihihi

merry christhmas all DudeS

Merry Christmas elektroneers. Have a lovely peaceful day.

Ho ho ho to all of you!

Merry Crimbo lads

wish to you all a great festive season :slight_smile:


have a good one all. really enjoying os 1.1 this holiday season. well done and may that generous support continue for all future products. looking forward to the new machine next year, a more polished night of machines 2… and peace on earth (and the elektronauts forums)

Merry day to you all. Woke up to the elektron hoodie and some of the shirts this morning. Very impressed with the quality and material. Seriously the best hoodie I’ve ever owned and the shirts are no different. Wish my AK would have been here already, but the A4 update is keeping me quite occupied. Thanks for a quality 2013 Elektron. Best of luck in 2014!

A bit late, but merry x-mas! Hope you’ve all had a good music year and will have one the coming year! :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, god Jul, etc.