Meshuggah Style Rapid Fire Kicks

Has anyone tried this?

What, you mean 16th notes?


I´m interested as well.

I´d like to find the way to program metal and hardcore rythms but when I try I don´t like the result, maybe because of the samples, or maybe because of the need for different patterns and maybe different tempo.

Ive been having a little bit of luck. Add some 16th note or even higher retrigs but have them only last a step or two. I have watched some videos and seen some of his kicks drawn out and notated and its pretty fun I must say.


Its definitely a challenge. At first I thought id just add 16th retrigs but you have to play around with the length per step as well.

It must be a combination of the right sample, p-locked retrigs, microtiming, different patterns and, for me, different tempo per pattern.

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What machine are you using?

If you get the time and are up for it we could compare notes on a certain song of theres. Lemme know if ya down sometime.


Sure, what I´d like is to find a way to translate metal and hardcore rythms to electronic music, still thinking how.

Prog metal, black and death, metalcore… Double kicks, with triplets, quintuplets, breakdowns, fast changes… I´m needing some help to translate a metal song to the Elektron language: how many patterns, BPMs…

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This is one of the reasons I´m looking for a Boppad and a mio4 (I can´t find it!!), but for now I have no drum machine, only working with Digitone and Octatrack.

Look up Scott Hull from Agoraphobic Nosebleed. He’s always programmed the drums for ANb and they sound amazing.
Here’s a couple of little articles about him.

"My main problem with ‘Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope’ and ‘Altered States of America’ is with the drum machine. I’m not shtting on those records because I think we did the best with what we had back then. I think a lot of people think I really wanted that machine gun sound, but I never really did. There just wasn’t any drum machine that had dynamics until Drum kit from Hell came around."*

Basically, he gave up on hardware and does everything ITB with Drum Kit From Hell and Cubase.


Thanks, I´ll take a look.

My main goal is not to create metal but use different rythms (hey, why not jazz) in my electronic music.

My main problem: I don´t know music :sweat_smile:.

Same here.

Thank you! I was hesitant at first to post this topic. Love Elektronauts.

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If you want we can take a song as a kind of exercise/challenge, we could analyse the drum structure and divide it into patterns, that would be great.

You guys might want to check out the album Garden of Delete by Oneohtrixpointnever.

Combines tropes from metal and edm in a silly/arty blend.


Thanks, I´ll take a look.

I propose this song to analyse (for me alone it´s impossible):

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Ya, thatd be cool. I think “Bleed” is a great song but the internet have really covered this one. Meshuggah have quite a few other percussive patterns that might be a fun challenge. Plus, as far as im concerned I want to just get inspired to start using retrigs, scale, and length per track in different ways.

LOL My brother was listening to this album just last week.

One of my favorites!