Messed up my CH [SOLVED]


Noob user here. I had a track almost finished but i did something that totally changed the CH sound i had on the pad 9. It was not a sample, was a synth and was sounding beautiful. Now it sounds like a bassy noise…

I tried to load another CH machines on SRC, but all are sounding the same, like the video below. What else can i check to get the ‘normal’ CH sound back ?

Is the Level parameter on the sample page turned up?
If so, turn it down.

It’s down, the track has no sample on it. If i load another project, the sound goes back to normal, it’s related to something on my current project.

How does the Amp page look? Decay and level are both up?

Filter all the way open on the filter page?

If not, can you try copying a CH sound from another kit and pasting it into this kit?

Did not know i could copy between projects; how can i do it ?

Here are my Amp and Filter pages :

At any rate I would read up on backups and kit handling and create a copy of the current state. If you don‘t know exactly what you‘re doing there‘s a risk you‘ll lose more than you already have.

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Same way you would copy/paste within a project.

BTW, Your filter envelope depth is entirely negative. Set it to 12 o’clock. That might be the issue.


That was the problem. Thanks for helping ! :smiley:

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