Messing on AR - Video

Wanted to record a quick video for those who are waiting for their Rytm. Just messing around with it…

Nice buildup. Can’t wait to play with mine soon.

Tack så mycket!

Buzzin!! That’s what I’ve been waiting to see … just messing with sound’s/design and no distraction. Nice one.

Cool really nice the jam has depth and very cool feel…and yea the rytm sounds great!

Other than the looping sample are the rest of sound analog?

Thanks for it, it makes pressure get down :sob:

At 3’34", how comes that selecting the Kick will set a 1 bar pattern ?

Sounds like plenty of scope for sample manipulation!!

Awesome, thanks Cenk! That made the wait a lot easier/harder…. :zonked:

Thanks, this gives a good impression of what can be done - great beat, really like the atmosphere. I didn’t pull the trigger for the first batch but for sure will buy an AR as soon as it is available at retailers

Yeap, only the 2 tracks are samples - rest is analog.

Right at the beginning of the video, I trig all the tracks with the default settings. Should give you an idea how it sounds.

Each track can have its own Scale Length - just like the A4. This is a crazy cool feature in my opinion.

Ok dataline, Id bought mine already (arriving Thursday) but now Im super hyped for its arrival, I love the crazy stuff you can do with the start/end points, distortion, filters and FX on simple samples in terms of creating these amazing atmospheres. Far more than a drum machine, its a sonic experimenters lab in a box. Most Likely going to be my favourite elektron box ever.

:+1: Dataline to the rescue! Thanx for the vid!

Can’t wait to see what people will come up with the RYTM, together with its little evil brothers:slight_smile:

Biggest thing “missing” from the MD IMHO.

Yea, these boxes are the ultimate.

You always make it look so easy.

I had built up the resolve to resist until i saw this video, that resolve has gone, gonna have to sell some things … great demo & product … #justwow

Wicked Cenk, mine will be here Fri, that’s my weekend sorted :slight_smile:
Different Track lengths with drums makes a huge difference, been doing it a lot with the MD driven by Cirklon but you lose Plocks, that way, not anymore!

@Dataline: Does the AR have different pattern modes? Sequential, Direct Start and Direct Jump?

While were asking dataline questions did you ever manage to convince the developers to try implementing 2 lfos per track? Also is there a noise/random option on the LFO?