MFB Tanzbar Lite Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I recently acquired an MFB Tanzbär Lite, fell in love with the sound and decided to devote some time to making a sample pack to share.

The MFB Tanzbär Lite is a compact drum machine from the late Manfred Fricke of MFB. It’s a raw, classic-sounding box that is more than reminiscent of a Roland TR-808, though it has a great deal of unique character. The box itself is constructed of metal, has cute little buttons and knobs and features a rather unique workflow that takes a little getting used to.

For starters, the pack features 167 painstakingly tuned and tagged samples from this compact Berlin powerhouse drum machine. This pack features 54 kicks, 8 snares, 8 claps, 21 toms, 21 congas, 21 cowbells, 12 claves, 9 cymbals, 9 hi-hats and… 1 rimshot!

All individual samples are encoded in 16-bit and 44.1khz sample rate. There are also seven sample chains provided in the pack - these are great used in any sampler. but are presented in 24-bit/44.1khz sample rate so they play nicely with the Elektron Octatrack - these chains also include the .ot files so the slices are already worked out.

Finally, there is an Ableton Live Drum Selector rack (will work in Live Suite only) which allows you to program a pattern and change the sample with the turn of an knob, as well as alter decay, pitch, distortion, compression etc of the whole kit.

The cost is £2.99 which I feel is fair for the amount of work that has gone into recording and presenting these files. I believe it is the most comprehensive archiving of the sounds of this unit currently available, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Click here to be taken to the samples


This already come with a .OT file for the chains?

(Looking into which of your packs I’ma try first:) I’ve wanted some curated / properly mixed/EQ’d sample chains for OT for a while now, it sets yours apart, great you’ve started adding these to your packs.)

Yes they come with the chains already. :slight_smile:

Since I started making sample chains I’ve realised how bloody convenient they are. I uses them in Ableton Live and MPCs, as well as the OT. So quick to audition sounds without loading loads of individual samples.

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Awesome. I just bought three of your packs:)

I always read here on Elektronauts how experienced users often use chains. Making my own has been a bit hit and miss, so it’s nice to have these to start with!

If I have any remarkable feedback I’ll let you know.

PS you don’t mention the .OT file yet for this pack on the Bandcamp description - maybe add that like you did with the others; if other customers are like me they might also like to know. Cheers!

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Thank you, much appreciated and I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to provide feedback on them, I want to make these are perfect as possible. :smiley:

I mention the sample chains but not the .ot files, hadn’t noticed that! Will add to the description ASAP. :slight_smile:

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