Midi 4 noobs

Ok, I haven’t had much luck getting my questions answered lately so I don’t have high hopes for this thread as I’m not even sure how to ask actually.

So I want to set one global part as a controller for my sp-404. It seems the sequencer won’t send but what if I just want to trigger the pads of the sp-404? So the manual for the sp says pad bank A responds to notes 47-58 or 0x2F-0x3A. Pad bank B, 59-70, pad bank C 71-82 etc… Then pad banks G-J move to the next midi channel.

In the rytm manual there are drum track parameters (but only eight), there are also trig parameters. I’m not sure what I’m looking for but I want to find the twelve pads (tracks) midi send parameters. Now I see most everything has data range 0-127, can these be determined and saved?

What I would love is if I could set global 4 to have eight banks (A-H) sending note on to the eight corresponding banks on my sp-404. Can this be done?

I don’t really understand what you’re asking, so let’s take this step by step; are you trying to control the SP from the AR, of the AR from the SP?

Sounds like he wants to trigger the 404s pads from the Rytm, presumably via midi…which I assume is not possible.

:+1: @Accent, yes.
The sp-404 only has midi in. I know the track buttons send midi, as do the knobs. This has been stated. I have a kontrolpad so it’s no big deal but it would be so nice to have this function (say for live settings, where I don’t want to carry my entire studio).

I’ll have one in a few weeks and I’ll try it then, I was just wondering if anyone with extensive midi capability and a rytm in front of them could give me some idea if this was possible.

Anyway, thanks for responses. :+1:

@Muddler: to the best of my knowledge, the AR only sends midi clock, and not any note messages or other commands over midi.

The AR can send MIDI Note On messages when you play the pads. Its sequencer however can’t be used to trigger other MIDI gear.

This is the sp-404 midi chart, responds to note on and velocity.

And this is the page that seems to state what midi messages are sent via the AR.

No, this page lists what MIDI messages the AR responds to, not the MIDI messages it sends.

Ok, I’m confused.
How can I tell this is listen only?

Because I just told you so? :wink:

Here’s what comes out when you hit the pads left-to-right, bottom-to-top with PAD DEST set to EXT, followed by an example of the poly aftertouch messages you get when you also set PRESSURE DEST to EXT.

And this can’t be changed, I take it. The last pad is the only one that will trigger the sp-404. Oh well.

Thanks for checking.

Btw, what about chromatic? Just for shits and giggles, would you check and see what the high and and low chromatic does?

Of course, this might be a total waste of time.

Thanks @t!

Somewhat surprisingly to me, transpose in Chromatic mode actually works:

Remember though, these messages are only sent when you hit the pads, not by the sequencer.

Appreciate it @t

I seriously just don’t understand why the pads can’t be better utilized. I’m going to take it for what it is (no choice, right?). But out of curiosity, what about the AK? Does it send key notes? Can it be transposed?

Here’s wondering if in a future update we could get a midi mode? Just so curious why the AR is like this?

Anyway, in chromatic, it seems I can get 4pad banks on two midi channels. That will good.