MIDI Assistance Needed

Hi All,

Quarantine downtime has allowed me to finally begin piecing together a mini studio instead of using the following devices separately – Octatrack; Monomachine; Juno 66.

Unfortunately, the midi setup has caused a headache and it currently works…but not how I would prefer. I’ve racked my brain and believe I need both a midi merge and midi splitter to accomplish what I need, but I’m hoping someone here could provide some insight.

What I’d like to accomplish:
-OCTATRACK acts as main clock for the setup; Clock will need to be sent to both the MonoMachine and the Juno 66 (for Arp clocking). Octatrack should also send cc info to my Juno 66 to control filters, etc.

-Monomachine will need the Octatracks clock only; P-Locking etc can be handled in the box. However, I would like to use the Juno 66 to control the Monomachine (performing sequences). There is no need for the MonoMachine to send cc info anywhere

-Juno, as detailed above, will be used as a controller for the MonoMachine only. When using itself as a sound source, I would like to make sure I can program CC via the Octatrack.

Current Setup:
I currently have the devices setup as below, but unfortunately this uses the MonoMachine as the main clock, which I’d like avoid as I want to save the BPM within performances:

Juno 66 Out > MonoMachine In
MonoMachine Out > Octatrack In
Octatrack Out > Juno 66 In

Any info or recommendations would be greatly appreciated so I can begin playing already :wink:

Thank you

Firstly I’d go OT out - MnM in.

MnM thru - Juno in. That way you’ll get the OT clock to everything% however if you want the Juno to control the OT or MnM you need a merge box or something similar. Belt and braces option would be something like a MOTU midi timepiece. 8 x 8 midi patchbay. Earlier ones shouldn’t be too expensive. The MTP has front panel controls so no need for a computer. It’s overkill really, a small merge box would prob do you but I didn’t pay much more for the MTP than merge boxes were selling for at the time. It’s been invaluable in a bigger midi setup.

With a patchbay or merger you can merge Juno out with another input

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Thanks for the reply. Would there be any adverse effect from having the Juno loop back into itself? Juno Out > MnM in > MnM Thru > Juno In?

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You won’t blow anything up, more likely just cause a midi loop which will cause issues. Plus you’d still need the OT at the top of the chain so the rest see it’s clock. However you cut if sounds like you need at least two midi inputs into the MnM (or Juno in the above example) so you need to merge those data streams into one input.

It could be that you don’t need any additional hardware.

I read the manual for the Tubbutec Juno-66, which says that it has (unusually) two different MIDI outputs that can be set to send on different channels, as well as a MIDI input channel number. This may well enable you to send the MIDI output of the J-66 to the other instruments without creating a MIDI loop.

Here’s what I would suggest to try:


  • OT MIDI Out to MM MIDI In
  • MM MIDI Thru to J-66 MIDI In (as suggested by @Bunker)
  • J-66 MIDI Out to OT MIDI In

On the OT:

  • Set it to send MIDI clock messages (they will go to the MM and J-66)
  • Set the MIDI channel of one MIDI sequencer track to match the MIDI In channel of the J-66 (for CCs)
  • Set the MIDI channel of another MIDI sequencer track to match the AUTO TRACK CHANNEL number on the MM (when you select this track on the OT, the J-66 will control the active MM track)

On the J-66:

  • Set the MIDI Out channel of your preferred output (either “as sounds” or more likely “as played”) to a different value than the J-66’s MIDI In channel, and to match the OT’s AUTO CHANNEL number (this will allow you route the J-66’s output to wherever you want in your system)
  • Set the other MIDI Out channel number to “off” if possible or otherwise to a channel number that isn’t otherwise used on the OT or MM.

You will have to be careful with the other MIDI channel numbers and settings on the three units but this should give you what you want without buying any additional equipment.

Give it a try and see how it goes; if there are any problems then we can dig into the settings in detail.


Thank you @PeterHanes. It definitely seems to make sense; I will give this a run-though shortly and report back.

See how nice it is when you know what you’re talking about? It worked; Bravo @PeterHanes. Thank you so very much.

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