Midi chain help. MD, OT, A4, MPC100

I need some ideas on different ways to make this setup work more effectively. Right now I use my OT to sequence my other gear and send midi clock. Sometimes I’ll use the MPC1000 to sequence the Virus cause chords are easier. I’m only talking midi - my audio path is just fine.

OT --> MD --> TR8 --> MPC (input 2)
Keyboard --> MPC (input 1)

MPC (out A) --> SubPhatty --> A4 --> Virus --> other stuff
MPC (out B) --> Computer (profire610)

The functionality that I’m missing right now is that I don’t have any keyboard to play things on the OT. Also the TR8 is not playable from the pads of my MPC.

My MPC has two midi ins and outs. My keyboard also has a second midi out - as well as an in & thru on the first midi channel and transport buttons. My interface has an in & out.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a setup with so many parts. I’m not sure that there’s a way more obvious way to put things together.

Thanks for any ideas.

Why not send the second out of the keyboard to the OT to achieve your first aim?

But, in general, with a set-up as complicated as this, you would greatly benefit from either making MIDI connections only as required or, preferably, using a MIDI patchbay.