Midi connection advice

Hello, just added a bass station 2 to my setup. Now I have OT, novation circuit and the new bs2. How is the best way to connect them together? Thank you for your help.

With MIDI cables?


yes , midi connections

Well, you plug those in.

Seriously though, what are you wondering about exactly? What would you like to be able to do?

You need to decide which one will be the master, sending the clock. Octatrack for example. Then connect octatrack midi out to bs2 midi in. From bs2 midi out to next device midi in and so on.

On one midi chain you can have 16 channels, so next set the bs2 and novation midi channels to different channels. Now, if done right, when you press play on octatrack, the other devices should get the incoming clock and also start playing if those have sequencers.

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Thank you for the explanation, as you can see I’m not en expert in midi connections and I’m not english so double problem here :slight_smile:
so OT is my master sending the clock.
OT midi out to circuit midi in
circuit midi out to BS2 midi in
circuits is set to send and receive clock. Circuit midi channels are: synth 1 midi ch1, synth 2 midi ch 2, drums midi ch 10.
BS2 MIDI ch 9
When I press play in OT the circuit sequencer starts and until here it’s ok: in OT sequencer I can hear circuit sounds and I can program patterns.
My problem is that in OT sequencer I can’t hear BS2 sound when I put triggers on the sequencer.
It seems sI’m missing something from circuit midi out to BS2 midi in.
I already checked OT manual in “octatrack setup examples” and all midi settings should be ok.
I hope my explanation is clear.
Thank you

Try first without Circuit so you can see if BS2 and Octatrack midi settigs are ok.

Circuit should only receive clock, not send, as the octatrack clock should be enough.

Since you are chaining devices the OT is the only device that should have a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT port.
The other devices should use the MIDI THRU port to connect to the next device’s MIDI IN.
MIDI OUT is used only if that device itself is sending MIDI data.
MIDI THRU is used for devices to pass on MIDI data that originated from another source.

without circuit it’s ok: I can hear the sounds of BS2 from triggers i put in OT sequencer

so do I need e midi thru box? because bs2 and circuit have not midi thru but only midi in and out

Uhh you must be correct. The problem being here that he octatrack seems to be the only device with through port. So, in theory you could set Circuit first, midi out to Octatrack and then midi through to bs2. Then Circuit would be the master clock, but you couldn’t sequence Circuit with Octatrack, only BS2.

I’m having an iconnectivity midi box, it makes all midi connections so convenient. Or you can get a cheaper Midi through box.

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something like the midi solution quadra thru should work?

Yes, it should. It divides then the signal to BS2 and Circuit. Or meanwhile you can try my suggestion above if that suits your purpose.

If you are planning to get more hw, I really suggest getting an iconnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ L - it makes all midi tricks very easy.

Have fun with Bass Station 2 - it’s awesome! :slight_smile:


Thank you for you help! yes the iconnectmidi is THE solution! I’ll check it out
I have the bs2 since 2 days and I already love it :slight_smile:

You should check the device manuals. I cannot imagine there not being a way to pass MIDI info from one device to the next. Maybe the MIDI OUT doubles as a THRU but needs to be enabled in th e settings menu. Just a guess…

Both the Bass Station II as well as the Circuit only have MIDI In and Out sockets. Neither offer a “Soft Thru” option as far as I can see from the manuals.

So, yes. You indeed need a separate Thru box.

Connect OT Out to In on the thru box.

Connect the Outs on the thru box to the Ins on the bass station and the circuit.

Optionally connect the Out of the bass station to the In on the OT.