Midi Control Mappings

Hi guys
I’ve been trying to control the OT from a couple of my midi controllers(Roland octapad Sps30 and Behringer FC 1010).So far what I could do was to start and stop the sequencer using notes 33,34 and 35(A,A# and B).Apart from that not much more and mainly because I have trouble reading the charts for Midi mappings on the latest version (1.25)of the manual of the OT(Appendix C).
Let’s start with the first chart.It has 2 columns:octave and notes.And a third column(function).I suppose octave 1 starts with C-1,octave 2 with C0 and octave 3 with C1 wich gives me B1(note 35 ) wich the chart says has a"track trig" function.But isn’t there an overlapping with note 35(B) that starts and restarts the sequencer (here instead of function we have “action”)as it is stated in the 3rd chart (and this works for me)?Now I don’t know what the track trigs function does.Apparently I managed to tigger samples and not tracks with note 24(I think).The sample woul start and go to the end.So I’m puzzled.
And I simply don’t understand the second chart that apparently tells us how track and sample trigs are mapped:trk 1 C(0) and so on.Can anyone help me?I have other doubts about the CC’s but I leave it here for now.I want to be able to use the Ot in a Live situation and be able to start and stop the sequence,start and stop the individual tracks(and mute or solo them) and little else(I’ll be playing guitar and also every now and then the Octapad to start and stop sequencer and tracks).

Sorry, I am not much help here. I do however wonder why you would want to use a midi controller for the octatrack? I mean its basically designed as a hands on box isn’t it?

For anyone who´s playing other instruments (i e guitar as OP mentioned), the foot controller would be of great help. The midi section in the manual is indeed a bit hard to read and understand.I would say though, that it might also be that way because of the flexibility (and complexity) that the OT offers. How to implement so much of all that is aviable via midi in an “readable” way?

I haven´t grasped all yet, so unfortunately I can´t offer much of help. But if we take it the other way around, maybe an collaborative effort will make you (OP) reach the goal:

What do you want to do, and how?

FYI, as a sidenote for anyone interested:
Actually, it took quite some time before I realized that my NordModular G2 Engine and OT didn´t communicate correctly because of NMG2/OT interprets and/or follow “different standards” regarding how the octaves related to the middle C are numbered…

See example and explaination:

So for anything that I want to send out from NMG2 to control the OT, I can´t just sit and compare the midi charts (not that there is much of one for the NM G2 anyway). I have to figure out which octave number to be used in the NMG2 to control a specific function in the OT. Other way around can possibly be confusing as well, but I haven´t tried it yet.

MIDI controllers are also useful because you can only tweak one track at a time from the OT itself. or if you want to have something like quick mutes on hand while using another trig mode. lots of possibilities.

I think the source of confusion is that, in the first chart, they’ve identified the full range of MIDI notes associated with the octave that the various trig functions are contained in. in other words, it’s saying tracks are trigged with notes in octave 3, which covers notes 24-35, but obviously you don’t need 12 notes to trig 8 tracks. so then the second chart tells you which notes in that octave trig the tracks.

I have no idea why they would lay it out that way, but I don’t think there are any actual overlaps. just experiment and figure out what works for you.


I configured a Midi Controller yesterday and had the same confusion.

The key is that the most CC and note messages are channel specific! Somewhere in the settings you can set a midi channel per audio track and the auto-channel.

Everything that is not audio-track specific (like the mentioned start/stop commands) has to be send on the auto-channel.

Hope this helps, nvmx

hey, I’m a bit daft with this MIDI implementation thing but I’ve def made some progress w my MPD32 but I still have a burning question.

  • faders control the volumes on the Audio tracks on the Octatrack.
  • S1-S8 buttons act as solo buttons
  • pads 1 through 8 trigger samples on the respective tracks

I would also like to use the S1-S8 buttons to toggle the mute of the MIDI tracks. I would probably use "control bank B’ to do this so I could keep my audio track button options active.

But here is where I get stuck . .

I have found that each Audio track uses MIDI channel 1-8 respectively and I can use Control Change 49 or 50 for the mute/solo option but I’ve not been able to find the channel for the MIDI tracks.

I thought they would be 9-16 but thats not right
is there any option avail?
seems like Note information is sent out to my synths on channel 11 if I select note parameters via the pads but finding the Control Change Channel parameters has proved ellusive.

any ideas??


The MIDI channels will be 9-16 only if you have assigned MIDI channels 9-16 to the MIDI tracks.

And you may need to try having CC DIRECT CONNECT set to off. I have been confused somewhat by that setting since I got the OT, but I think I am beginning to understand that you need to have it off if you want to control the OT MIDI Track parameter pages via CC. I could be wrong, but I think that is what I have discovered.

See page C2 in the manual, controllers 112-127 for midi solo and mute.

CC Direct Connect should be off.

Midi channel is Auto channel.

Hope this helps.

Goseba thank you!
I got mixed up somewhere along the way the the Hex/Dec meanings vs MIDI channels. .
anyway, it works great now

one thing. . doesn’t seem to make a difference whether the Direct Connect is on or off. . at least w this set up.

regardless, thank you very much

A pleasure. Recently set up my Zero SL so new where it was in the manual. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, i am pretty ignorant about cc mapping matters and need a little help. I’m trying to map my OT to a uc-33. Mainly track levels and balance (for now), but for some reason, i am only able to do so for the first 2 tracks.

I’ve been going about it by first selecting the track on the OT, then selecting the respective fader on the uc-33, and assigning cc07 to it. Repeat the process for track 2, works fine. For some reason, the same process doesnt work for the remaining tracks. Any ideas what’s going on?

Also, would i be able to assign individual track mutes?

Any help would be appreciated!

No idea about the tack level issue sorry, I don’t know the UC33. But if it works for two channels, I don’t see why not the others. Just make sure midi channels match up.

For mute an solo:
cc 49 Track Mute (0=Unmuted, [1-127]=Muted)
cc 50 Track Solo (0=No solo, [1-127]=Soloed)

It’s on auto channel at the moment. Could it have something to do with that?

I’m looking for a tip…

looking at the MIDI mapping chart. there is a CC value to MUTE audio track one [CC49]. and CC for MUTEs on all the MIDI tracks.

I can’t find the CC value to MUTE tracks 2 thru 8. if anyone could TIP me in the right direction :+1:t6:

I think there was something messed up in the manual between pages 139 and 142. there are sections that are repeated? [I actually went back to the MK1 manual…its the same. any help re: mutes for audio tracks 2-8 would be a huge tip]

LATER ON: NVM figured it out.
TIP: if you want to handle OT mutes externally, each audio track has its own midi channel. so MUTE is CC49 for all tracks. you just need to set your controller to send on a separate channel for each track.


These sections are not messed up, but shows the mappings for audio tracks and midi tracks separately:

C.7 CTRL CHANGE MAPPINGS (CCs for audio tracks)

And yes, these CCs are meant to be sent to the configured track channel to take effect.


Corrected myself in my post when I noted it has been that way since the first manual

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