Midi control via allen and heath k2

I want to control different aspects of my octatrack, digitakt and digitone via midi from a K2 controller from allen and heath. K2 is connected to a px5 club mixer. For example, if I am playing live I may want to change the frequency of the filter via a K2 fader. Is it possible fo connect for example my DT via midi from px5 and use K2 that is connected to px5 to control my DT?

This is related to K2 and PX5. How do you plug K2 in PX5? With Usb? I can’t see midi din In on the PX5.

PX5 midi OUT would need a soft THRU option to send K2 incoming DATA.

Not sure if this is possible. Think the PX5 only does midi clock. Not 100% on this so double check yourselve.

Regarding K2/PX5 you should be able to use A+H X-link to plug K2 into mixer.

Sure the PX5 will send the midi from K2 thru USB port into PC but not sure it can be sent out the MIDI din port.

Pehaps with a usb-midi cable this midi from K2 could then be sent back out from PC to your hardware.

as you both pointed out, the din midi connection from px5 to DT may only be clock, witch in case i need to have a usb to midi converter between the px5 and DT. And that is what I want to avoid.

MIDI SYNC / OUT 5pin DIN. MIDI Clock and MIDI Tx (transmit) signal output for syncing to external MIDI hardware.

Also transmit, but what ? Faders, switches, knobs I guess ?

transmit what comes in via usb or x link? if x link then It should work via k2. I guess I have to look into the px5 manual