Midi controlling AF - always controlling first track

I have yamaha piaggero and I use it as midi for ableton. When i use it in ableton to play AF notes, i play it, but only the first track of AF.

How to control, play other tracks on AF via midi?

Piaggero is pluged as usb, and Af too.

Control A4 by MIDI Auto Channel, not 1 - see the manual for setting it up

How to set it up? To which number? I can only change the number of auto channel.

Looking at manual, trying al kind of cominations. But nothing change. I even turn off notes recive, and I still play first track :smiley:

Is it problem that keyboard is connected first to the computer, not directly to AF? Maybe something in ableton pref. is problem?

I always forget this.

In ableton, on the midi track you are trying to control the A4 on, use the midi output drop down to select the track you want.

I honestly forget this every session, and always spend a few minutes scratching my head!

The above isn’t the same if using OB. It does it automatically, when you choose what track you are working on.

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I did this. Midi goes through on channel 1 and 2, nothing else.
When I put that numbers on AF, all the same. Playing only the first track.

I obviously don’t know hot to set AF control by MIDI auto channel… :confused:

OK let’s start from the beginning, and see if we can work out what’s going on

In your ableton midi preferences, what settings do you have the A4 set to?

Ok, these are my ableton pref, my channels, and overbridge.

And these are some of my AF midi settings I think are important.

Piagerro is hooked up to mac by usb, and AF to. It feels to me, no matter what I change on Af, I always play the first channel.

With the midi channel set to 16 on your controller and the AK auto channel, you will need to manually select which track you’re playing on the AK.

Alternatively you could set each AK midi channel to 1,2,3,4 and then in ableton where it says “all channels” you could change it accordingly to play each track. I use this method when recording individual tracks that receive midi from the DAW.

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