Midi foot controller, keyboard, Octatrack and Digitone

Hey all…
Setup question…
I am setting up a small live rig with just the Octatrack and DIgitone. Also in the setup is a guitar. For this reason I am using the Soleman midi foot controller (works great btw) to punch in recording on the OT. So the current connection is:
Soleman to OT midi in
OT midi out/sync to Digitone.
All works perfect… but how do I add a midi keyboard (Keystep) to play the Digitone? The OT midi in is already occupied.
I’m guessing i need a 2-in 1-out midi splitter? I have a couple Midi Solution thru boxes but these are opposite (1-in 4-out)
Any ideas?

Keystep to Soleman midi in ought to work, no need for thru box.

Thanks for the reply, but i don’t think that will work. The OT is on auto channel 11 and the DN is on channel 10. In order to control the the OT with the soleman I have it set to ch 11 so the midi will never make it to the DN. It was suggested on the Facebook OT group that a midi merger will do the trick.

Not sure if it works as you wish, but theorically, if Soleman has Thru via is outs, if you set the Keystep to channel 10, plug it in Soleman in, an OT midi track set to channel 10, Keystep should send midi notes to DN.

yeah, the soleman doesn’t seem to function in this way. The midi in seems to be reserved for it’s own internal controls etc. Doesn’t seem to send midi thru. I ordered a Midi Solutions Merger, simple solution.

Apparently yes. Hoping you’ll be able to midi power the Midi Solution.

that’s unfortunate. I have used the Morningstar MC6 in this fashion, so I assumed the Soleman was also capable of forwarding the midi messages from the Midi In.

I have an additional similar question about this.

Keystep to USB digitone,
Midi OT out to DN midi in,
Soleman to OT midi in,

Would this work ?

Thanks! :slight_smile: