Midi footswitching for md/ot?

keen to switch patterns while playing bass, in a live performance situation (breakbeat metal) so i need a footswitch, maybe a bank with one or two expression pedals…

open to just using serial daisy chained devices, or a board

keen on portability factor, while at the same time ok with the fact that most live performance gear is necessarily built with a bit extra.

uber appreciation for any advice or thoughts on the subject? cheers…

Since you stated both MD/OT in the subject line, I´m thinking that the extra features may actually be quite handy when it comes to controlling an OT. Hence one recommendation would be:


It´s pricey given its size, but the vast functionality you´ve got in there makes it rather a bit cheap. You can really setup some advanced rig control. With seven (7) colors on those LEDs paired with the Page functions, you are able to get an good overview of all functions. You can most likely grow your setup with this unit…

I don´t own any of their products myself since I´m able to achieve somewhat similar control with my other stuff. But I´ve been following the development of their products since they started their business. They´ve got some nice features that you won´t find in many (if any) other manufacturers products…

perfect! super awesome. economical size for the win.
yes, is about twice as much as what i planned on initially…
but this sexy beast has ravished my soul!

cheers for the share :slight_smile:

edit: i wonder if an expression pedal could directly effect the x-fader parameter on the OT, to crossfade between Scenes?

Not nearly as sexy or compact as the Liquid Foot, but I’ve used the Behringer FCB-1010 footpedal onstage for years to control MIDI gear, incl. CC and program changes (which are good for pattern switching). Built like a tank, never had an issue with it.

The two expression pedals can control CC values … haven’t checked whether the OT’s X-fader is mappable to them. (TBH I haven’t tried it with my Elektron gear.)

In both (liquid and behringer), there shouldn´t be any problem in connecting to OT crossfader parameter (CC# 48, according to manual).

If you want to read up on the Liquid features a bit more:

Remember though that ALL features here may not be applicable in the MINI, tbh I don´t know what/where all differencies are…

cheers miketheman, i like their tut pages. gee, this thing is so fresh, the metal is almost molten. looks like an indy startup company, i really like supporting this kind of thing, if the unit is well made and designed, and it looks encouragingly tough.

duba! hey bro long time between interactions. cool, you use the behringer bank onstage? that is awesome, i would love to see a photograph or three of that. what kind of things do you do with it? sorry for the twenty questions, it’s just a new world of footcontrollerism for me, and im trying to imagine the possibilities. the future for realtime song improvisation is looking extremely optimistic and awesome right now.