Midi instruments / pattern change&program change problem

Hello everybody,
Thanks to your help I’m now able to record my Rev2 threw the digitakt so I can playback my sequence afterwise threw the digitakt.
A new problem occurs :
When I change pattern, even if I put bank 1 program 1 in the midi préférence of the track, it changes program !
For ex pattern 1 sound 1, pattern 2 sound 2, whereas I want to stay on the same sound !
Do you know how to do that ?
Thank you guys and girls

Turn off program change send in the settings menu of the dt. You will still be able to send program changes from midi tracks but the behavior you describe will go away.

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I am not sure I understand fully: does it mean the “program change send” serves no purpose?
I would then have to input a trigless trig with bank/program change to change preset on my external synths?
Appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Program change send in the setting menu is for keeping patterns in sync across multiple devices.

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I am expecting a MicroFreak and was wondering about the feasibility of bank/program change.
Therefore a simple trigless trig with bank/program data would do the job?
Thanks again,

Yes, that should get patches/presets to change on the microfreak.


Thank you @jefones

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Thank you I will try that soon :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a good evening