Midi keyboard/synth with A4

I need a new midi keyboard in my studio and would like some advice from you guys before I hit the Buy button.

On my radar is a midi keyboard that I can hook up to my A4 via midi and controlling my soft synths via usb. I’ve been looking at Nektar Panorama since I’m using Reason and Studio One. But maybe there is a better controller for A4?

When it comes to synths I’ve been looking at Pro 2 and KingKorg. KK has a nice sound IMO, but doesn’t have AT. I am curious to what extent you will be able to map the joystick to various params in A4 whith overbridge… Anybody using KK with A4?

The Pro 2 seems like an obvious choice with four cv I/O and midi and usb connections. Anyone here that has any experience with this combo?

Happy for any input that will help me decide, since I need to solve this asap.