Midi keyboard with A4 (not USB powered) - Sequencer question

Hi guys
I am using an M audio keyboard with my A4 and it’s mostly working fine. But when I use it to add notes to trigs when sequencing in the A4, I find it will add notes when I am in ‘free’ mode (ie flashing record button) but not when I am in grid mode - I have to use the keys on the A4 for that. This seems a bit odd to me. Is it correct? If not does anyone have any ideas as to why it might be happening? Thanks!

Clue: ‘Auto Channel’

Thanks for the clue Avan - it set me on an exciting treasure hunt and now i am able to set single note trigs with my midi keyboard…hooray. However, I can still only set polyphonic notes with the A4’s keyboard and not with my midi keyboard. Would you have any clues about this one? :slight_smile:

and while we’re at it, if anyone knows how to set Ableton Push so that it can set notes for trig notes in grid mode that would be great. For the midi keyboard I had to set it to autochannel (9) although it can still only set single notes. For the Push, it can still only assign notes in free record mode and I can’t find a way to set it to auto channel. Thanks guys