MIDI madness

Hello everyone
So totally newbie question. MIDI still somehow escapes me. I want to run everything using my DT as the brain. So list of gear is
Mother 32
Eurorack system
Beatstep Pro

I also have a thru box
What would the best routing be to have my DT as the master source but be able to play other synths via the keystep?

Sorry if this is a dumb question or in the wrong place

Keystep out to Digitakt in
Digitakt out to midi splitter in
Splitter multi outs to synths in
Setup Digitakt midi tracks to synths midi channels (each synth needs a different channel)
Set keystep to Digitakt’s auto channel
Now you can select which synth to play by pushing its associated button on the Digitakt.
Hope this helped. Also, there are some great YouTube videos that explain this much more thoroughy.


Awesome thanks for the reply…
And if I also wanted to also use the beatsteps sequencer at the same time with the configuration you stated?

You’d need a MIDI merge box as well. So same setup described above, but DT out and BS out first go into a merge box, and then that goes into your splitter. Also, you would send your DT thru to the BS in, as the DT thru should also send clock.

But…why use the BS sequencer at all, when you have the DT MIDI tracks? The DT sequencer is much more versatile.

You can connect the BS Pro to the MIDI In port of the KeyStep and set the KeyStep to pass thru the MIDI messages from the BS Pro, without using another device to merge the messages.


learning that the Keystep actually has a built-in merger was a game-changer back in the days!

Okay so got everything connected and seems to be working. Now another dumb boo is question. As I’ve always just played around dateless and had everything run through a mixer. I want to be able to run everything through Ableton. Question is all the synths are mono and I have them running into a behringer uphoria 8 in audio interface. But how do I get stereo sound from the mono audio?

I would just set your inputs as mono. Otherwise you might get phasing issues.

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