MIDI (not USB) controller for OCTATRACK

Hi. I’ve been using some midi drawbars to control my octatrack channels, they’re out of production and starting to break down.

i need a midi-only (not USB) controller with midi IN also, and it needs to be programmable. any advice on this?

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Maybe a Novation Remote Zero can be found on the cheap - very flexible and there’s all these threads to browse …



I had a BS3X, very complete, but you need a software for deep editing. No updates anymore. Sold.
Also had Uc33 Evolution, cheap, old, but standalone. Sold.
Behringer BCF is cheap and old too.
I have a Taktile 49 with faders.
As I have an IConnectMidi4+ (up to 7 USB controllers), I’d rather choose an USB controller today.

Remote Zero SL MKII seems really good.


Exactly. Or try the novation launchcontrol so (not sure about the exact name). Only if you have a use host box like the iConnect4 but then it rules.

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but an iconnect only have one USB port so it can only handle one usb controller or am I misunderstanding that?

is it also a router?

With a powered usb hub it goes up to 7 usb devices

A quick scan of the getting started guide gets you there and beyond :sunglasses:

Works fine with nonpowererd as well. Depends on gear, though.


Affirmative, mine is powered hub but the power is not plugged, for 2 small midicontrollers it doesn’t need the extra juice. Guess it will depend on the overall consumption.

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I’ve seen 7 pop up, ICM4+ supports up to 8 usb midi devices…

Powered/unpowered depends on how many devices attached that have their own plug, and how many need usb power and how much they each draw…


hub means splitter here correct?

since the interface only have one usb socket?

will check manual. any specific hub recommended?

Faderfox UC4 is worth considering: http://www.faderfox.de/uc4.html
8 push-encoders, 9 faders and 8 buttons. 8 controller groups allow a total of 264 control parameters.

Not the cheapest or easiest to get hold of, but great build quality and very compact (sits alongside OT nicely), can also be programmed very easily via front-panel.

Hub means up to 8 port usb standard hub…
Device also has 3 separate ports to connect a total of 3 computer/iOS devices, along with up to 8 usb midi devices…