MIDI novice - send 4 MIDI tracks to Modular?

Hi all –

Apologies for total dumbassedness – I have next to no understanding of MIDI, but want to learn about it.

I’m thinking about getting something like the Kenton Pro 2000 to send multiple MIDI info to my Modular, like bass line, drum tracks etc.

So in my complete ignorance, I’m wondering: can I programme several different sequences and send these several MIDI tracks from the Octatrack through the single MIDI cable all at the same time, so that the Pro 2000 (or whatever Polyphonic MIDI to CV converter) can translate them into Gate and CV info for the modular?

I think I know the answer but just want to make sure. MIDI is my next big challenge: I’ve already learned analog-style modular synthesis coming from a total non-synthesis background, so surely MIDI won’t be too hard (?!)

Thanks and please excuse the absolutely ridickity nature of this question.

On a single MIDI cable you can communicate with 16 different channels, i.e. you can sequence, ideally, 16 different machines.

I don’t know the Kenton Pro 2000 but I think it can, since has only one MIDI IN

yes that’s basically how it works,

in a nutshell, you have these types of data available to use to create notes and parameter modification…

midi clock tempo, start, stop, pause which is used to lock the tempo of the LFOs in the kenton and is converted to sync 24 start/stop/pause tempo at the din sync output

note on/off for key press which is converted into various types of gate or trigger signal types output at the gate outs and the associated note number which will correspond to the key that is pressed, which is converted to a fixed voltage output at the CV outs of the kenton.

midi Control Change (CC) of which there are 10 available per track, per part which can be assigned to the 6 aux and 2 cv outputs of the kenton where data of 128 increment range are converted to a voltage range of 5 volts and can be used to modify any parameter of a modular synthesizer.

so for setup examples with the pro2000 mk2 you can control two complete monophic synthesizers on one or 2 midi channels using 2 selectable gate and or pulse triggers and the note number data (keys eg. A4, C3 etc) and also high resolution 14bit midi pitchbend data to voltage conversion for using with the OT’s LFOs and slides etc.

you can use the 2 high resolution CV outs and 6 aux outs for any midi CC control change to voltage conversion you like, on 8 or less different midi channels.

On top of that the 6 aux outputs can be used either for the same thing, ie. 3 pairs of midi to CV & GATE/TRIGs that are ok for playing fixed notes but use a lower resolution 7bit which for pitchbend data is steppy sounding and only useful for a stepping pitch effect.
a total of 5 pairs of CV & GATEs on 5 or less different midi channels for controlling 5 monophonic synthesizers.

on the latest pro2000 mk2 operating system you can use it in poly mode which means multiple oscillators in a monophonic modular synthesizer can be used to create a polyphonic or paraphonic synth responding to chords played on one midi channel

it also includes a CV to midi converter which is there if you want to use your CV Gate keyboard as a basic midi controller keyboard for your OT. It will not generate velocity or aftertouch data though just note on off and key/notes.

if you get a used one check the OS to be sure it has full functionality or you can order the latest operating system eprom for about $30


Wow, thanks sicijk and analogback – this is exactly the info I needed!

The use of the Kenton as a CV to MIDI converter is a surprise to me as well. Didn’t know it could do that – that’s a great little extra.