MIDI: Odd behavior on a single track only

I’m not sure what’s happening here. Maybe someone else has seen this, I don’t know. Can’t figure it out.

I’m using OT to sequence 2 synths.

One synth (T4) plays fine, all behavior is normal.

The other (T3) doesn’t play the patch right and every minute or two, a solid burst of (totally different, not anything I programmed, single note, repeating) notes is heard.

There is NOTHING plugged into MIDI IN on the OT. OT out goes to an AMT8 which throws to the synths. AMT8 is not in USB mode, all other instruments are powered down that input to the AMT8…

What should I be looking at (on the OT) prevent these additional notes?

By default, trigs on the OT’s audio tracks will also send MIDI messages. Try setting AUDIO NOTE OUT to “INT” in the PROJECT > MIDI > CONTROL menu.

There is also the possibility that another track on the OT’S MIDI sequencer is sending out the spurious notes. Have a look at that, too.

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Yeah, it’s really weird. Everything else is muted on the MIDI end and audio side. I can trig this Xenophone patch when using a different channel, but not the original track with my glorious sequence.

Think I’m going to have to just wipe this thing. Been driving me crazy for 3 days…

I would try without AMT8 to be sure. Is it connected to a computer?

Check what kind of midi messages are received by the “buggy” synth connecting the corresponding midi out to a midi monitor (soft or hardware).

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No, the AMT8 is not connected to a computer. Even though this suggestion didn’t make sense to me I did try it anyway, because this whole situation is turning into a real head scratcher. No change connecting directly… Thanks for the suggestion.

As I mentioned, I can trig the same Xenophone patch without issue when switching to a different OT track utilizing the Xenophone’s MIDI channel.

For me it is useful to check midi straight from Ot to be sure.

All midi lfos depth set to 0 ? (They can control notes and arp)
No plocks on lfo’s depth or arp settings ?
Happens on other projects ?
Happens clearing the track notes ?