MIDI-Out to Volcas

I’m trying to set up my octatrack to control and sequence my volca beats, but I can’t get through it, midi out seems not to work with none of the Volcas and I’m very puzzled.

To keep things simple here’s an example:

1 - I set octatrack’s midi cannel 1 to output on channel one and I enter “chromatic mode”.
2 - When I connect the midi cable to my A4 or mini brute it works flawlessly and I can play them with the octatrack’s “keyboard”
2 - Volca bass or keys, set on channel one: NOTHING. I try and play them with an oxygen 8 and they work totally fine, but no way of making them work with the octatrack.
It’s all VERY weird and I don’t understand why it behaves that way?

Any suggestion?

Also if you have any instructions on how to successfully connect the octatrack to a volca beats and use it (the octa) as a drum sequencer that’s that I’m looking for in particular.


I don’t have volca beats, but no problems controlling/syncing volca sample in the way you describe.
I am pretty sure the beats responds to mid channel 10 (default drum channel), have you tried sending midi out from OT on midi channel 10?

Yes you need to be on c10 for beats. You also need to make sure the Octatrack chromatic mode is on oct 2. The note assignment isn’t linear though so it’s not going to be easy to actually play anything chromatically.

Edit: just plugged the ‘Bass’ in too, works fine on Ch1. The MIDI track you’re trying to work with isn’t muted in the mixer or something is it?