Midi record in Live Recording mode - Octatrack mk1


I’m trying to record midi in Live Recording mode. The Octatrak is configured -

PROJ > CONTROL > cc direct connect: [X]
PROJ > MIDI > CONTROL: audio cc in OFF, audio cc out INT, audio note in OFF, audio note out INT
PROJ > MIDI > SYNC: transp send ON, clock send ON, everything else OFF (I’ve tried with clock send OFF too at first.)
PROJ > MIDI > CHANNELS: AUTO Ch OFF and all TRIG Ch set to OFF (I’ve tried with auto ch set to ch2 and trig ch’s mapped 1:1, 2:2, etc.)

In midi mode I select a Track. I’ve assigned the midi ch in the track to ch2. The synth is set to send / receive midi on ch2.

I’ve tried sending on ch2 and receiving on ch1, no difference.

I hit REC + PLAY play some notes on the synth. Hit STOP and then PLAY and nothing.

I’m expecting the midi notes to be recorded and then playback out to the synth. Seems like that should work, what am I missing?

Try with audio note in ON


Leave the Auto Channel on the default (and make sure there are no conflicts for now with other channels being used, it’s simpler if there are issues)

Set teh controller keyboard to send on the Auto Channel - this is partly what the Auto channel is for

try not to have the Auto Channel set to a used channel - it’s less likely to be problematic

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Thanks for the suggestion. Tried audio note ON. Same behavior.

Thanks. So I set auto channel to 16 and also tried a new project with the default ch 11. Still no midi record in live recording mode.

The furthest I got was connecting a keystep midi / sequencer to the OT midi in and then leaving the DeepMind synth on the midi out. If I send midi from the keystep -> OT -> deepmind. The midi is reaching the deepmind. I’m also able to send program changes from the OT to the deepmind from the midi track itself.

So I’m sending midi to the deepmind. Seems the issue is the OT is not recording any midi that it passes thru while in live recording mode.

Thanks for the all the suggestions.

Hi, two or three things to check that might seem unbelievably stupid suggestions, but… 1: is your midi track unmuted? 2: when recording, is the record button blinking (if lit solid you’re in step record mode) 3: you validated the midi channel for the track by clicking the encoder?

sorry, might seem sooo obvious…


Yes! “HOLD RECORD while pressing PLAY to enter LIVE RECORDING mode.”
Woohoo! The Brain grows stronger…

Thank you!