Midi routing to use Both OT arp and DN keyboard

Here is my set up… I’m trying new midi routing and audio again…
I’m trying to set this up so I can use the digitone as the main midi keyboard
but I also want to be able to use the Octatrack midi arp on the digitone and A4 and digitakt…

I need the Octatrack to be able to receive midi clock from another one so it can use overbridge clock for when I want to record so is in sync with others…

This is harder to do than I thought… for the others to receive notes from the digitone It needs to be from the midi out also needs to be midi out from the OT

I can achieve this by routing everything into ableton but I have to click away in ableton wasting time
I want to be able to do this stand alone…

Any routing advice for audio would be helpful as I’m experimenting with different routing for when not using overbridge…
I’m running the digitone into the Rytm and digitakt into the A4 so can use the chorus as digitakt doesn’t have it…

Do I need a motu midi interface to have it all connected the best possible way?

I’m also currently looking at the novation sl mk3 As a main midi keyboard to enter notes into the elektron sequencers does any one have experience with this and elektron gear?


Can’t check, a midi interface would help for sure.
Iconnectmidi4+ has midi filters (I didn’t use it).
I have an A880. Different routings can be recalled.

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@LyingDalai has it IIRC.

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I think iCM4+ are not made anymore, but one can look for a MIO4 or other MIDI hub.
This is something that will simplify a lot your setup conception.

For the audio, there is nothing better than a mixer IMO. Check other thread for information, but I advise one that can act as a soundcard to record multitrack on your computer when needed. Make sure you have Aux sends, as well.

Novation SL mk3 is ace, you can spliut the keyboard to play both the A4 and the Digitone, possibly both at the same time.
2 MIDI outs as well, can help simplify your MIDI setup :slight_smile:


TThe SL mk3 looks pretty good might be what I need… thanks !\