MIDI setup, how to?

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I have a similar type of question.

My MIDI setup:
KEYSTEP out to DT in
DT out to MOTU in (sound interface, UltraLite Mk3)
MOTU out to Kenton MIDI Thru in
Kenton MIDI Thru out 1 to Volca Kick
Kenton MIDI Thru out 2 to Volca bass
Kenton MIDI Thru out 3 to Volca Keys
Kenton MIDI Thru out 4 to Volca FM
KEYSTEP, DT and Maschine Jam also connected via USB hub to MacBook Pro.

Problem is I cannot seem to play from Maschine Jam to the Volcas… What am I missing?

Sorry to interfere with your post @RandomSkratch

Hard to answer without seeing in person. Anyways, off the top of my head…

In your Mac’s midi setup utility, can you see the the motu midi?

Could also try using different usb port

MOTU is indeed showing up in MIDI setup utility…
Already swapped USB ports, cables…

No worries- what software are you using?

(Edit: going offline for the next several hours - will look in tomorrow)

Maschine and DT as sequencers.
Maschine slaved to incoming DT clock… This is probably why no?
CueMix to set up audio interface.
Will try again the routing today and will update.
Thanks for your help @rex_mundii
Update: getting nowhere: the 4 Volcas receive notes from KeyStep, DT but no way can I get Maschine to send notes to the Volcas… :thinking: I have enabled MIDI thru in MOTU… I think there is something I am missing…

Any advice?

MOTU website:
I am a bit at loss here… Since my MOTU receives clock from DT, what should the clock settings be in MOTU?

Back again - are you using maschine sw as well as the hw?

Yes indeed.
Main sequencer (the one sending clock) is DT.
Maschine slaved to DT.
Cannot send notes from Maschine SW nor HW (Jam) whereas KeyStep and DT both “speak” to the Volcas…

Curiouser and curiouser.

Was gonna suggest testing that the volcas receive midi (without maschine) but it looks like you’ve already done that.

Only other idea i had was to check midi preferences in maschine sw to see if motu ports are actually enabled and what’s actually being used as the midi controller (if there can only be one). But if that’s not the answer then I got nothing I’m afraid.

Both MOTU Ports activated (MIDI+Sync).
I am still trying/investigating…
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Just a last question: what should the clock settings be on the MOTU? Internal, SMPTE? There is also a DeviceN in the list of available clock in MOTU’s preference pane… Have sent an email to MOTU support… Wait and see :slight_smile:

All controllers work and speak to the Volcas (KeyStep and DT).

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Sorry i wasn’t much help.

As for clock sources, I’d try either the built in option (which shares the core-audio something something, and has less tendency to drift if you’re running multiple audio tracks in various places) or the internal option if all your recorded audio is in the one place.

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No worries- good luck!

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Eventually will see the light :wink:

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