MIDI Sync: A4 as Master, DAW as Slave

Hey everyone,

  1. Is it possible to configure the A4 to be the master and Logic to be the slave? Most of all, I’d like to have transport controls from the A4.

I found one thread where someone says this is not possible: “Logic cannot slave to MIDI clock. It can slave to MTC (MIDI Time Code) but the A4 is not able to send MTC.”

  1. While troubleshooting, I read further about MIDI, learning that there’s 4 types: MIDI Clock Sync, SMPTE, MTC and MMC.

Do most of our instruments send MIDI Clock Sync and only MIDI Clock Sync? What type of instruments send MTC, which is needed for slaving Logic?

Adding to my confusion is that Maschine can control Logic’s transport. Does that mean Maschine is sending MTC?

  1. And for some context, do other DAWs also only slave to MTC or can some slave to MIDI Clock Sync?

Thank you for any help.

The previous info you found was correct.
Not many step sequencers can send MTC. Cirklon is one. MMC is not a clock protocol but a transport protocol.

Thanks for the confirmation.