Midi sync of Octatrack+A4+Ableton

Hello good people,

I have just a very simple question.

I’ve been running a setup containing Octatrack, Analog Four and a laptop with Ableton Live and Audiomulch for a while, and am 100% happy with it.
Though, now I’d like to midi sync all the machines to the same tempo. And to accomplish the start of all 3 machines while triggering play on the master machine only.

I’d like my Octatrack to be master, while Analog four and computer would be slave machines.

How can I connect them? I have a standard midi to midi cable to connect OT and A4, but I can’t figure out how to midi sync OT and computer … can this be achieved with a USB cable?
I know it’s simple and can be done by midi thru, though I somehow can’t figure it out.

Thank you all.

I GUESS , that, you have to get Ableton to be the master clock…because if not, ableton it’s kinda useless…“KINDA” useless…
and also…GET A MIDI TO USB INTERFACE, the elektron it’s a good midi nterface, but if you have a audio interface with MIDI it’s ok…
ok… so lets plug the machines. I’ll get ableton as master, MIDI wise I can plug it to the OT input, then THRU to the A4.
And now, I can plug the AUDIO of the a4 to the interface in the laptop and the octatrack output to the laptop.
So now, I’ll process the OT’s audio with Live’s fx, A4 with some fx too and have the Ableton as an insturment too, so now you can record everything and be happy.
That’s one way to connect everything and this ways depend a lot on what you wanna make with the AUDIO, but midi wise it’s pretty straight forward…and if you wanna sync via usb without an interface, USB- A4 (cause I think the OT doesn’t sync via usb) then THRU to the OT and that’s it.
If ableton it’s not your master then, I guess you can’t record clips.
I used midi a lot in live till I realised that it was better to use audio clip and just have a few instruments to play live, then I bought a OT and never used Ableton for a live situation anymore. But hope this helps.