Mission: Fill the 16gb flash card :: Status: Complete

lol it wasn’t the mission but anyway it happened. filled the 16gb flash card on the Octatrack. and it’s all made up of 4 bar loops of original track sections in various articulations and rewordings, so to speak.

not quite sure what to do now.
well the obvious thing to do is put it all on the computer for storing and maybe even onto an external drive - as the geek saying goes, “data does not exist unless it is stored in two separate locations.”

but now what?
i’ve started going through the work.
making notes of the audio clips that turn me on, and seeking any files that just don’t work, or are more suitable to being stored for future access but not being used at the moment.

as some people are fond of writing in their highschool farewell ceremony book “it’s been a long, strange journey.”

well in fact it’s only been about five months or so this time around with the Octatrack.
and the work has improved in quality, as i look and listen at the files from the various monthly folders.

last night i was working without the lights on, and it really became obvious how valuable the new led’s are, on the Octatrack, for working in low-light or no-light scenarios. Everything is obviously there and very present. It’s cool, and encouraging to start going out and gigging in those low-light scenarios. No panic required.

I suppose one option now is simply to buy a 64gb card and keep on rocking.
and yet i feel a sense of reticence.
there is much work already achieved, to be reviewed and perhaps taken further.

over the last couple of months i’ve gotten to know and love the se02 bass synth. the quirks and the sweet spots.

with the OB-6 arriving soon i suppose the new 64gb card will be required.
much recording, playing, composing, exploring and editing to be done.

somehow though i think it is important to not ignore the value and potential furthering of value, regarding audio clips already sampled.
and in relation to that, clearing the card of audio clips that somehow are not going to be used at this time for performance or production.

to somehow collate or highlight the areas of value in track loop preparations without stripping away too much of the work. and yet not being overly sentimental or inappropriately oriented towards hoarding.

the card would not have filled up so quickly if i didn’t make individual audio loop samples of the Machinedrum sections with variations soloing the bassdrum, soloing the snare drum, and the hihat… etc … actually finding a lot of potential use for the Machinedrum loops where the bassdrum is removed. more scope for creative repurposing.