My question is about sending songs out to be mixed and mastered. Studios want individual tracks and the OT only sends master out. Does anyone here send stuff out to be mastered? What do you do or recommend?

Do you have a DAW of any kind?

You could try to sync the octatrack with your DAW and then do your recordings track by track having the octatrack as the master and the DAW as the slave.


A bit tedious but the only way really is to record each track out individually to a DAW or similar. You can do it in 4 passes if you use the cue outputs simultaneously (need 4 inputs on the interface though obviously).

Ya I have ableton and ProTools. Playing each song 8x is the best I can come up with as well. I know a company made a midi device to control the OT via midi with 8 separate faders maybe it has out puts as well. Thanks for the quick responses! If I find any kind of solution I will post back here.

It doesn’t unfortunately, just a midi controller.

I just mix internally on the OT and use the stereo wav captured from that for mastering. Personally I don’t have the patience to record the OT track by track and then recombine in a DAW, and with filters on each track (usually) it’s not that hard for me to get things to sit well together using just the OT’s tools.


In case you didn’t think of it already, the only way to use a lot of scene movements and get separate stems is to automate the scene slider through a DAW. Otherwise things are gonna be pretty loose if you’re doing scene stuff on OT for 8 (or 4 if use cues as suggested above) separate stem export passes through the same song. I haven’t tried it but ive read from others that it should be possible.

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my approach for overcoming this is to route the track being recorded to my interface via OT outputs, and CUE everything else. set up the DAW to record so the levels are ok, and then run your track using live scene motions. You can still hear the relationship between tracks using the headphone output on the OT, but the DAW only captures audio from one track.
nahmean? :slight_smile:

EDIT: HP output must be set to mix cue/master in the mixer page, obvs.

For some tracks stereo may not that necessary.
For such tracks, you can record 4 tracks at once using panning on Main and Cue outputs.

I had the offer of a vinyl release dropped because i couldn’t provide stems of my track. I simply don’t/won’t work that way. Best track i ever made too, & on a really well respected label. Oh well!

Then you should really use the panning and 4 outputs. You can separate allot already then. What label btw?

I’m not the poster you think i am :slight_smile:

The label is a Techno/Deep House label called Boe Recordings.

I did 3 albums on the Octatrack. The first one I did, I recorded track by track x variation by variation from the OT to a DAW. I wanted someone else handling both mixing and mastering out of insecurity but eventually it turned out the best song of that EP was the one I did entirely on the OT while trying to learn about scene locks and the internal arranger…
Next two albums i used a DAW only for touch-ups and little embelishments and i find it the best way to work with a OT-centered setup.

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Sorry to revive, but I have wome questions and maybe you have something to say.

How do you think is the best way to set up the OT, or which workflow, to produce a finalised track with its stems?

I´m thinking about creating a bank preconfigured to do different things:

  • Part 1: Mixing
  • Part 2: Mastering
  • Part 3: Stem creation
  • Part 4: ??

The idea is to have a space with several FX and free FX slots (for example EQ) to get a better mix, a mastered version or “convert” a multitrack “song” into 4 stems.

Any thoughts?

As a seasoned professional having run several recording studios, I advise to forget about mastering yourself altogether. This is typically done by specialists on very specific equipment in very specific rooms to obtain a very specific result. You don’t master a recording on the same equipement it has been mixed and recorded with, and not in the same room with the same monitors either. Not even the same engineer. All you will achieve is accentuating the flaws that where already there, instead of correcting them. Even a budget mastering studio will do a better job than you can do on you own music (unless you are getting ripped off of course). After spending thousands on gear, months and months of work to create that great recording, please do yourself a favor and spend a couple of hundreds more to get that shiny finish on your work…


Yes, you are right, and maybe is not the right term, I mean to apply some FX to the whole mix, EQ, compression… Not real mastering of course.

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