Mixer - DIR 100 vs DIR 127

In the mixer page of the octatrack I have two inputs coming in, one for recording and the other is passing my second octatrack through to the same output as my first.

What is the difference between setting the dir input to 100 versus 127? Is 100 adding no gain and 127 is adding a small percentage of gain? Or am I making that 100 number up in my head is important and full gain is just 127? Anything less than 127 would be attenuating the signal?

Thank you!

IIRC Dir refers to the amount of direct input signal you want to hear in your outputs. So this would be the signal going directly into your inputs without any of the OT processing. There is definitely a difference in volume from 100 to 127 but you may not be hearing it well if you’re already playing back from the OTs master output. So if you have the other OT in input CD you may be doubling what you’re hearing coming from your OT and it isn’t registering as much of a difference because it’s already playing back internally on top of the direct feed into your inputs.

DIR 127 is unity level (as for LEVEL or CUE).
Set to 108 you loose around 3db .

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