Mixer Elektron Boxes

Hello friends,
I come to you today because I tear my hair to want to configure my mixer (Soundcraft EMP12).

I searched the forum for information I may have not found.

I am looking for a method to align the gains of the machines for the live elektron between them on the preamplifier of the soundcraft
What reference do you take between machines? The preset? Pattern and kit?

For example for the Analog Four, I set the signal to 0dbvu on the mixer with just a sawtooth oscillator at 100 in the VCA of the A4; Does this make sense knowing that I would not retouch at the entrance to the table.

I have a A4,AR,OT,DG

thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English.

…well…proper gainstaging is where it all starts…

so turn all ur elektron boxes to max output…and then trim on ur desk to the certain close underneath level before clipping…as usual and common everywhere else in mixing desks…

don’t do gains with the faders…

thank you for your answer, I know how to make the gain setting what makes me confused is that what its taken in reference on the machine for the adjustment. maybe I’m expressing myself badly …

As the sounds are not all the same level on the synth it makes me confused

you might just have to edit the volume of the patches individually… get the internal gain-staging right. Blofeld is horrendous in this regard.

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