Mixer - Interface connection

didn´t find anything on this topic. I use an RME Babyface Pro and I have an Mackie VLZ4 Mixer which I want to use together.
I´m struggeling to find out, what may be the best way to connect them to the Monitor Speakers.
Would it be best to connect the RME to the Tape in on the Mackie, or Stereo In(which would intruduce another gain stage).
At the Moment I´m thinking it might be best to connect the Mixer to the RME 3+4 Line Inputs. This way I can go directly to the Speakers when working in the Box and still have both Mic Pres on the RME.

I would be interestet how are you dealing with such a setup…Anything I didn´t consider or I should?

On my Mackie I have ALT 3+4 sent to the audio interface. My speakers are connected to the Mackie’s Control Room outputs. That way I can hit the mute button on any track to send it to the audio interface for recording.

The downside of doing it this way is that you can’t record FX returns. If you have a patchbay there are ways around this.

The interface’s outputs are connected to the 11+12 inputs on the Mackie.

For effect return recording wouldn´t it work to just send the main bus to the 3+4 outs?

I don’t think that’s possible. It’s easier to plug the effects return into a spare stereo channel. If you have an audio interface with four or more inputs, then you can hook it all up and record the ones you need.