MK1 vs Mk2 workflow question

I’m interested in an Octratrack suddenly. I would love to poll you all on this question:
How key are the new shortcuts on the Mk2. Do they substantially help your workflow? or is it something pretty minor once you come to grips with the workflow? I actually don’t care about the new buttons , new looks, shiny new screen. But I do care about the workflow, if its substantially easier I’d get the Mk2. If not, I’d be happy with the Mk1. Thanks in advance guys

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It’s about deciding and go with a decision. After that it is all about quality time spend.

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Apparently that’s the only thing that makes a difference in the workflow ! :smile:

@tsutek and other seems to appreciate the new buttons.
I admit that even after 3.5 years with OT sometimes I can confuse button combinations in that area :

Mixer, Project and Recording Setup are in the same axe, hence confusion.

Another problem is that shorcuts depends on Grid Recording mode on or off.
I wonder if MKII share this…:sketchy:


yep, thats the region!

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makes a difference for me, yes !

the more you are a poweruser,
the more you are dayly on the OT,
the more might the difference shrink down.
but probably not to zero