Model:What!? (The next one, if...)

What would you like to see next in the model series!?

Model:Analog (or like a 6 voice VA)
Model:Cowbell (or Model:Djembe, like some sort of physical modeling drum synth would do it for me, well that’s the cycle perhaps but more like Ableton Collision with resonators and junk…)

Considering the portability

Model:Actress is the usual career path


I’d really love a Model:Rytm, or whatever an analog(ish) Model drum machine might be called. For me personally, 5 tracks of drums and one mono synth track would be a dream. Maybe a few MIDI tracks as well! Basically a VA/analog M:C I guess.

Kind of a ridiculous ask since I have the M:S, but I’d like to work in a non-sample environment while utilizing (the Model version of the) Elektron workflow without upgrading to the next price points. Perhaps the M:C is what I’ve been needing all along.



Yeah, I said it


I thought it but didn’t dare to say it! :slight_smile: with easel sliders and stuff!

Model:Squares !! Based on the best square sound in the world from the Casio CZ series! Yeah I said it!

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Model:PI would be cool. Expanding on the physical modeling engine from the Machinedrum. You don’t see many physical modeling synths in general nowadays.


I’ve had a feeling for a while that Elektron might go this way.
It’s one of the few areas not currently being done to death.

…if there’s a plan for another model…i’d say it’s…model:kontrol…m:k…so to say…

an universal midi and beyond controler, focussing their naked sequencer engine to run whatever u wanna run…

with fullsize midi connectors AND cv options…


Speaking of physical modeling I can highly recommend a VST called Chromaphone 3. If you own Ableton you already have it in Collision but with C3 you have it in Bitwig and Renoise if you will… or standalone.


…but i keep on repeating myself…

the next real new product will be another digi machine…
the mid price segment is their best horse in the race…
and bringing back recoded versions of all their classics in one silver digi square box is, with no doubt, THE product they could sell for years to come…

every once in a while a new update with some new fancy sonic machines/algos to add to the internal collection would be the smartest move possible, given within all the options out there…the one product that could be never outdated easily…and a timeless classic already from first day of release…
THE machine to cover all the past and a big chunk of all the future to come at once…


Model:Michael - a speech machine, with 2 options computer voice or 60’s film voice. Keys to write words and phrases on. With plenty of LFOs. Man I would make Boards of Canada with that…

Model:Employee - It does everything you ask and doesn’t complain. Never takes days off.


I feel like this one is a no-brainer for them, I just can’t decide if the Model or Digi format is the best way to go. Given the number of parameters, I think it’s Digi, but the immediacy of the Model with Physical Modeling and Plocking is intriguing.


Model : waves. / ocean / fish / beach
Wavetable synth.

Model : silo / gran / grin / table
Grains / granular synth


Mutable Instruments Elements as Model with elektron sequencer would be a dream.
6 voice multitimbral :call_me_hand:


I have to agree with the suggestions of physical modelling, wavetable, and/or granular. In any case, it will be digital if it happens at all. The Analog machines all get quite hot so I don’t think they would be able to manage heat dissipation with the model format and having six analog tracks would put a wee dent in the Analog Four MKII sales.

For ideas of what can be put into the model format, look at the various ‘machines’ from Arturia’s MicroFreak - the M:C’s chord machine is almost identical to one on the MF.

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Yeah, in that case VA. But yes physical modeling for the win. Model:Mallet

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Model:Exciter, with mallet, hammer, bow, etc etc


If you have an iOS device, you could build something sorta like this by using Drambo and the free Spectrum Synthesizer bundle, which is ports of Mutable Instruments modules to AUv3 (I wrote Spectrum). Not as fun as the Model: line mind you


This is an excellent point which I hadn’t considered at all. Conceptually, something analog would make sense, but it may just not be practical.