Modern Samplers that Sound Good

Modern hardware samplers are using integrated circuits instead of discrete components like vintage samplers for AD/DA converting.

For myself I prefer a soft sampler, it’s mainly for sound design and less for music.

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thus follows the nerdiest post i have ever submitted to this forum :

{\displaystyle s_{t}=2^{r}n+k_{1}s_{t-1}-k_{2}s_{t-2}}


Yep and now the 2000xls have rocketed in price due to the “vintage” sound which i find funny

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why all modern samplers don’t offer recording at all bit rates alludes me. there’s a lot to be said for audio input component and ADC stuff too. happy to be educated here.

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Does anyone else noticed the DT tracks have more “air” with the filter completely off? There seems to be a roll-off with any filter type on even with a flat curve.


I’ve definitely noticed that a lot of my DT recordings kind of lack in the very high frequencies. I’ll try turning some filters off

Rossum Assimil8or ruined samplers for me, that thing just sound incredible. Dave Rossum magic


Hmm, I didn’t think about modular samplers, I will have to check out the assimil8tor.

Sampling = recording.

Better/sounds good = personal taste.

'This recording sounds good" = personal taste.

If you like old samplers or new ones, that isnt a reflection of the equipment, its a reflection of what you like.


W/ is another interesting modular sampler, although it’s a real weird one.

I don’t know. I haven’t had a lot of sampler’s.
Roland MC-09, Volca Sample, Digitakt, now OT. I believe for myself creating your own sound is on you. If you want some specific thing to give you a sound, go for it.

If you like to be able to start from scratch, I would recommend the Octatrack, irregardless of what people will argue.
You have lo-fi efx that allow you to adjust/lower the bit depth, and of course many more features to add to it. Not that it guarantee’s you’ll have the same ‘character’ at the same bit rate, but it does it.

I can’t speak on the subjective comparisons in flat or neutral ‘sound’ but I am not an audiophile either. It gives you a depth in workflow and creativity that can become very spontaneous, but it takes some time like anything.

I don’t know much about production techniques but I love the sound of the late 80s-early 90s, those old 12-bit and 16-bit samplers.

I currently have a Toraiz SP-16, which sounds very good to me. Sampling through its filter is a lot of fun. I also use its bitcrusher a lot.

I would love to try it in combo with a bitcrusher pedal.

Also, the OTO Bim has 12-bit AD/DA converters. You could use that to get close to the Akai S950/MPC60 sound.

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Just curious, how can you assign the filter to the input on the SP16? Everytime I’ve tried that it seems like its just off or on for the master and there is no filter effect imparted onto the sample. :thinking:

No. It doesn’t. You have to set it to 24bit to make it sound acceptable.

(I had all sorts of samplers over the time: Akai S01, S1000, S1100, MPC 3000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 1000, Remix 16, EPS 16, Korg microsampler, Korg Volca Sample, Roland S330, E-mu ESI-4000, Digitakt, Octatrack).

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I asked a similar question once, about why no one had made an FX box that emulated all the old popular samplers, I was told it would either have to be software emulation or the device would have to have all the individual digital components to emulate the sound of all the old samplers people cherish.

I have no idea if this is true or not but the way it was explained sounded reasonable. I also don’t know enough to know if you and I are even asking a remotely similar question lol

Gotharman instruments, with their analog filters and high quality components, sound really good playing samples. Pitching the samples down on my SpazeDrum adds a lot of interesting artifacts too.

Oooh, your OTO Bim idea sounds really good. If anyone would make a nice sounding sampler it would be Denis… I hope he gets around to it some day…

…if hardware sampling still has relevance…it must be for lot’s of mangle and resample options like a ot…or mayyybeee oto will finally do something about all this in some nearer future, as once promised, since all their good name is based on the claim built like a tank and the sonic truuth of xtra “bad converters” and all kinds of bit reduction charme…

but best remains a mpc 3000, still, if it comes down to all this…
while the old mc 404 was truuly bad, not good at all, but many folks liked even that…

my hardcore sample based times where mid 90ies and i loved my mpc 2000 for that, back then…
first two generations of liquid audio real time audio stretch wonderland within early ableton warping days was also pretty bad…but for me, it was THE sound for a while…

these days i want hi accuracy sampling, no matter what, so that i can decide when, where, how and with what i might decide to fuck the sound up…
therefor, the bitwig sampler does all the trick for me…from classic to granular to all kinds of stretch…all just a click away…

while i’ll never ever gonna need another hw sampler beyond an octatrack again…
in the meantime, my mpc1000jjos stays cold since ages…

seems like everything can sample these days…soooo thankful, syntakt gives a shit…
get over with all this nostalgic bitty gritty vibes…shape it to ur liking with any daw or dig deep into ot…or do both…

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Actually, I may be wrong. I sample from my laptop into the SP-16 and monitor through the SP-16’s headphone out. So yeah, I’m probably wrong.

Maybe you can’t assign it on the input but you could resample through the filter, right? Gonna try later

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RYTM does some real magic to samples imho.