Modular fx

Okay so have purchased mutable instruments braids and a pittsburgh modular cell 48 (with 5v adapter) to act as an external oscillator for my Analog Keys, also have an ms20 mini on my bench. So I have quite a few cv modulators between the AK and ms20, osc’s and filters pretty much covered and have 32hp to fill… Now, I’m aiming initially to keep the AK at the heart of it all so am thinking maybe fx to fill up the rack. Im sure I will ultimately end up horrendously addicted with a monster wall of eurocrack, but am trying to be targeted and AK-centric for now.

So any modular heads got some suggestions for 32hps of interesting unique fx? Glitchy time domain awesomeness is good for what i do musically, but anything really interesting or unusual is also cool. All ideas welcome!

i know for FX the go to stuff seems to be make noise erbe verbe, tip-top zdsp with halls of valhalla, and theres a ton of the audio damage FX modules but this really has caught my eye:

basically it’s a plug and play card format that lets you pick and choose up to 3 swappable colour palette cards. There’s some nice ones there, more suited towards dynamics but interesting way to process your sounds

I would also recommend looking in to mutable instruments streams or shelves or both, you could do some cool stuff processing the A4/modular with those

Make Noise Phonogene would be a must for me in your shoes!

MI streams and clouds had both caught my attention already actually (hell all their units look cool tbh) - that colour palette one looks a good idea too, though thinking id give some time to see how far devs go with it. Good suggestions and right up my street thanks!

Damn and phonogene too - exactly what im looking for next in fact, may be first on the wishlist.