Modular level into MPC one inputs

Does anyone plug their modular directly into Mpc without reducing the level to line level. I read another thread where others are inputting direct to octatrack with no problems. I know there are modules that output line level but to save space in the case are there any standalone boxes that will do the job. Only one I have seen is this one

Here’s a link to a thread on a similar question I asked about OT inputs. @roadmoviemusic had the suggestion:

You might get away with a passive transformer based DI box that has a -20dB /-40 dB attenuation switch

I also talked to @darenager who had this useful info:

Best to use caution sending modular into line level inputs, attenuation will of course reduce the voltage, but you also want to AC couple it, audio is AC, modular CV is DC, so in order to input a DC signal it really should be AC coupled first to remove the DC offset.

I ended up holding off for a bit, as my lack of knowledge intimidated me. I did end up going into OT inputs recently with CV between +/- 5V (no DC offset? I think) using a passive attenuator for caution. Seemed to work fine. However I do not know what i’m doing and you should not take anything I say as advice without further guidance.


Cheers Merv, yeah I think a dedicated box or module will need to be used to be on the safe side, the one I’ve found is expensive though , over £200

I’m curious about this too.
But what puzzles me in why would you send cv in to the line in?

I’m thinking of a small modular case so a dedicated module for conversion from modular level to line would take up some of that space so just curious if people have fed modular level into line in of mpc or if there is a standalone box that will do the conversion

Yeah, I understand that, and I’m also curious because I going to build a vco with a psb I’ve just got and I’m wondering how I’d listen to it. I don’t mind making a basic vca mixer. But I don’t get the cv into line in!

Are you talking about the audio out from modular into the MPC One?

Got to be?
Maybe there’s some cv in voodoo though

Okay, I’m trying to clarify what you’re asking but you can send audio from a module into the MPC just adjust the gain knob in the back. If you’re talking about sending CV into the MPC, well, I don’t understand why you would do that.

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Ok so you could send the output of any Eurorack oscillator directly into the Mpc one and it won’t damage anything as long as you adjust the gain knob at the back ?

you’ve turned in to me…“If you’re talking about sending CV into the MPC, well, I don’t understand why you would do that.”

I would recommend some sort of vca or mixer or something to give you some protection. But the gain knob is basically attenuating the input so it should be fine. For example, I have been using a eurorack drum synth with my MPC One and have every voice going into a mixer then that mixer into a master filter that has a VCA. I have zero issues. But, I just tested plugging the Basimilus Itaritas Alter directly into the MPC with the gain input down a bit and it seems fine.

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You didn’t smell burning then or see any smoke :grinning:

If I were you I would just get a small HP mixer with a VCA on the output. It’s way easier to manage and give you some peace of mind.


I’ve got a little Behringer mixer so that should do the trick

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If you have a mixer in your eurorack, you can just try with lower volume. And increase untill the mpc starts clipping. Or use an autenuator or something. Im pretty shure the inputs on the MPC are ac coupled as most audio inputs are.


The inputs on the MPC One can handle up to 16dBu signal levels. That is almost 14v peak to peak. Eurorack can be from 10v peak to peak to up to 20v peak to peak.

Just try it out. If it distorts too much, then attenuate. I used my modular directly into my audio interface for years without problems. Then i found an old TC M300 i had lying around, and run it directly into that without problems. With the bonus of some basic effects too.


Cheers for the info @thomaso :+1: