Modular synth and octatrack

cheers man, not sure I understand the video but appreciate the reply all the same, cheers

Would someone be so kind as to how this would work? Maybe a patch example? Im sort of new to all this. I know what I want I just find it hard to understand it all and take it in…

Would I be able to sequence my modular in real time with OT and then use OT to manipulate the modular? Would I be able to sample things like my DFAM into modular with something like a Midi to CV converter and then manipulate the samples at say a later date? Hope that makes sense…

In short, yes.

Sample things into your modular? I guess if you have a module that can sample. Considering you have an OT, I would figure you would be using that as your sampler.


MIDI is not audio. To sample something you need to sample it’s audio output. So, in your case, you would put the audio output into the OT and sample that audio signal.

A MIDI to CV translates MIDI messages into CV. With this you would “manipulate” (eg control) your modular yes but you cannot sample with it.


Ah okay, cheers man. So I could take the ‘VCA’ out of my DFAM to the ‘Audio IN’ of the OT and sample? Would that signal not be a bit hot?

I assumed the DFAM had an audio out (like my M32).

It may not be an ideal level situation but you can always turn down the OT input. I’ve read some people say modular directly into OT is fine.

Yeah it does but i’ve got it in the rack yah see!

Hey can anyone tell me how I would set up the octatrack with my modular? Is it possible to sample the modular realtime? Whats the best midi-cv module for sequencing? Any other things I should know when going about this? I’d love to know. Thanks a bunch

I don’t do modular but I imagine it is not that different from other synthesizers. The Octatrack has a powerful midi sequencer and with 8 channels and up to 4 notes and 8 cc values per channel. So what midi->cv module you want depends a little bit what your other modules do, if you need multiple channels, how many cc->cv you want etc.

Octatrack is very good for real time sampling. You can for example play your synth through the Octatrack adding effects, sample it as a loop and crossfade to the sample, repatch the modular and fade in the new live patch over the old one, maybe sample it on a different track and play it back backwards with an lfo modulating the playback speed etc. Or you can go ham with record trigs, recording snippets of your modular here and there and playing them back with a snappy envelope as a rhythm. Or you can go for something completely different, it is very versatile. Just search Youtube for “octatrack live recording” or “octatrack modular” to get a good idea on what you can do.

In the good to know department you find that a lot of people think the Octatrack is hard to learn and that it can be frustrating at times. I would say that it took me a couple of hours every day for a week or two to construct a solid mental model of how it works and I still feel like learn new tricks every now and then. Also the built in effects are a little bit dull (not bad, just not very exciting).


Search the forum for “Octatrack modular” there’s already a lot of threads on this.

Edit: and here we are!

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Thanksvery much Kalle, this was a good help.

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Ill drop my current setup for posterity here.

I have a 4+ voice modular. I use Mutable instruments Yarns to drive 2 voices of the modular from the Octatrack. I have thought often about upgrading this to an Expert sleepers FH-2, but they are perpetually out of stock here in the states. The Yarns gives me 2 channels of CV and trigger data, plus clock and start/stop data. Clock is used to run sequencers and clock dividers on the modular, and from those I build the other 2 voices.

I have the modular itself outputting 4 mono channels into the OC’s 4 inputs. I use Tracks 1-4 on the OC as thru machines on the modular. I vary the channels output on the OCT between Main and Cue, with Cue routed through a bunch of pedals, before my mixer. Audio tracks 5-8 are used as samplers for inputs.

Midi channels 1-4 on the OC are routed to my Digitone, and 5&6 are routed to the modular using Yarns.

Midi out on the OCgoes into a machinedrum UWmkii, which passes the data through onto the digitone. I Then use the OC transport controls and arranger to switch banks and patterns on both the OC and the MD. The MD’s C, D, E, & F outputs are then used to further driver triggers our push percussive sounds into the modular.

So unless I am tweaking sound parameters my hands never leave the OC, and I can push both audio and midi data around the system pretty easily. 1 Caveat to all of this. Both the OC and the Digitone are relatively new to my setup (OC in July, Digitone in September) so I am still working through what I consider to be an optimal workflow for my composition style.


For nauts with a modular system, do you integrate your octatrack (or digitakt) with it?

What function does it do in your setup?

Check jogging house music… Lots of good vibes coming from modular/dt/dn…

does one know if the OT can sample CVs from a ModularSystem?

It can’t. Its audio inputs are not DC coupled.


thanks … i was hoping that i can avoid buying the 1010 Blackbox