Monitor Check?

I have JBL 305 attached to my RME Fireface UC. Currently I am unsure if they either help my non existing mastering skills or either block me from further evolution as an artist? Would better more expensive monitoring improve it? Or should I stick to the JBL? What are the alternatives in the same spaceious environment? I have only 2 Square meters of Studio Space in a 10 sqm room. What would you replace the JBl nearfields with and why?

Here‘s a pic off the space just as exampke:

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About the monitors: does music you like (not your own) sound good to you on them? If so, learn to listen to them by comparing your music while composing and mixing to other productions in the style you’re working in.

However if professionally produced music that you like does not translate on them well, then they re either the wrong speakers for you, or the acoustics in the room are bad, or both.

I don t know these speakers so can t comment on them.

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the best monitors are the ones you know well… nice elektron lamp btw

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Placing your speakers so close corners like that, definitely try to avoid speakers with rear-facing bass ports. Unfortunately your JBL’s do have those, which are going to exaggerate bass freqs a lot. Monitors with front facing bass ports are going to cope with that space more effectively.

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If those were mine, I wouldnt replace them. Id move them away from the corners. Maybe put some soft stuff on the walls to soak up reflections… token gesture but it can help.

You’ll get more out of properly placed speakers than you will by buying new ones.

As said, the best speakers are the ones you know. Learn your kit, master it.

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Oops that’s my daughter, how does this pic slipped in? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks everyone for the advices, definitely something to chew on.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear about it. Not mastering, rather mixing. Me English bad.

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What is in this book, especially the two first chapters, is the exhaustive answer to your question.


Yes I read that often. Unfortunately I have very limited options here to move them around. I try to compensate by switching back and forth between the 305s and a pair of BeyerDynamucs DT 990 when I am mixing down a song.

And regarding basses. It’s to my ears actually not that bad. They don’t sound overly boomy or anything. I have to test with something right behind the speakers though.

I formerly in our previous place, had Adam A7 but I did find them too oversized here. I replaced them with those small iCloud ones, but they sounded very „canny“, so I got these 305s which sound fuller, more open but not as precise as the Adams. All in all they are ok, but I was wondering what else I could do to refine this. Maybe smaller Genelecs? But you guys are right, this wouldn’t help much further without some room treatment.

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Would recommend to use smaller nearfield speakers with higher quality.

Check Genelec 8331 or KS Digital C8. Both have coax-drivers and you can sit really close to them. With the JBL you need at least 1,5m for the equilateral triangle.

With Genelec you can adjust the speakers with the GLM Kit to your room. Otherwise use Sonarworks.

But first invest in your room treatment and check with REW. Homemade basstraps are not expensive.

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I really love the smaller genelecs 8010a, but you might need to get the sub or cross reference often with headphones because they do miss out on some lower sub frequencies. They are really great at low levels but can also get way louder than I ever need at home. Listening at lower levels can help to minimize the effects of your room on the sound. Smaller speaker means the bass port can be a bit further from the wall in a small space.

It sounds like you tried quite a few before landing where you did. I suppose if your feeling up for it order some genelecs from a place with a solid return policy and give them an A/B with your JBLs.


Any experience with the Neumann KH120? A lot of ppl seem to like them.